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Dion Dublin Destroys Arsenal With Clarity And An Honest Evaluation After Another Away Collapse

Dion Dublin, Everton Vs Arsenal

Pundits comprising of bitter ex footballers, out of work managers and personality’s looking to court controversy are, to be frank, ten a penny. However, only a few pundits like Dion Dublin actually make honest and unbiased analysis of a team’s performance after a match.

The mass coverage of football on television and radio stations, provides so many choices to raise the hackles of the fans from such sporting prostitutes as Chris Sutton, Steve Mcmanaman, Rio Ferdinand, Adrian Durham, Michael Owen, the loathsome Jamie Carragher,Roy Keane, Jason Cundy, Jamie Redknapp, Gary Lineker- the crisp magnate, the Neville tossers and Alan ‘ The grim reaper’ Shearer.

All of whom fill our screens regularly to offer their opinions on Arsenal’s disappointing form, below average performances or to delight in their struggles and misfortunes. You may have noted how many ex-United players were in that list, that still hold a festering grudge.

The fact that the majority of their opinions are, without question, biased and completely lack objectivity goes without saying and it’s rare to actually agree with any of them.

Arsenal have not only become a diminishing power in the Premier League but also within the sporting media which has relegated them to almost rams since 2005.

It’s not uncommon to hunt through the sports pages to discover a quarter of a page on a fabulous win, when one of the more favoured teams gets a bore draw full page spread. Match of the day has already relegated Arsenal to a drop slot in the programme which has a longer analysis than highlights.

So, it was quite refreshing to hear a strong, yet honest evaluation from the former Aston Villa player, now TV presenter, Dion Dublin.

Dion Dublin, who has carved out a nice niche on a property programme as well as featuring on various football programmes, has become one of the more reasoned voices in a sea of bile.

Dion Dublin told Premier League Today:

“I couldn’t be an Arsenal fan. I just couldn’t be an Arsenal fan.

“Because the players and the quality that you have going forward, you should firstly score more goals.

“Yes the defence isn’t brilliant but they’re a very talented team.

“On the odd occasion you just think, ‘What are you doing? Why are you playing so bad? Why do you keep losing games you should be winning?”

“On the road, their backbone just falls out.”

He was particularly frustrated by what he felt was a lack of intensity and desire from the visitors at Goodison Park. Dion Dublin added:

“It’s difficult to see,”

“I can’t remember seeing an Arsenal player running about and sweating and really running hard.

“You had [Gylfi] Sigurdsson, one of the best players in midfield you’ll ever get in this league, running about and closing down and [Andre] Gomes doing the same, [Idrissa] Gueye doing the same.”

“I’m trying to think of an Arsenal player that ran about and did that, I can’t think of one.”


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It’s not anything that Arsenal fans haven’t been saying themselves, but atleast it was measured and considered.
Perhaps Shearer and Lineker could take lessons in objectivity from Mr Dion Dublin.

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