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The Door Slams Shut on Ødegaard as Ancelotti Moves Into The Real Hot Seat

Martin Odegaard, Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti

Any lingering thoughts that Martin Odegaard may continue his development in the red and white shirt of Arsenal were dashed by the appointment of Carlo Ancelotti as Real Madrid manager, who decided to cut and run in favour of a better deal in Spain. The Italian upped sticks from Merseyside to replace Zinedine Zidane, who left due to his failure to secure a La Liga or Champions League titles for the Galacticos.

At the end of the season, the distress flare went up and Carlo dispensed with Everton in a way that was reminiscent of a man facing a lengthy jail term unless he gave evidence against his associates. Ancelloti had his bags packed before Zidane left his office and he left the City as if it were on fire and the streets were awash with fuel.

The return of Carlo Ancelotti for a second spell in Spain will almost certainly bring an end to Arsenal’s pursuit of Odegaard because the talented playmaker will undoubtedly be in the new manager’s plans. The same cannot be said of Dani Ceballos, who frittered away the opportunity to prove himself in the Premier League, whereas Odegaard showed genuine flashes of quality and world-class talent.

On a recent ‘It’s an Arsenal thing podcast‘, former Sky and ITN political corespondent Glen Oglaza said:

“If Arsenal only make one transfer deal in the summer, they need to buy Odegaard.”

However, not everyone is convinced, but in a side completely bereft of midfield invention, the Norwegian stood head and shoulders above his fellow teammates. Dave Hutchinson, who is known as Silent Dave, on the podcast added:

“He brings genuine class and Madrid would be absolutely stupid to let him go.”

He has a point because Real Madrid’s problems require a complete change of fortune due to their crippling debts of €901m. That means they need to be in contention in every competition, every season. Ancelloti will have to rebuild a slightly tired-looking side and although there will be some sales, no one expects Odegaard to be on that list.

Perhaps, it’s not all doom and gloom because if there is anything negative to be said about Odegaard, it’s his physique. The competitive nature of the Premier League can become quite feisty and physical and because of that, I’m not sure he would be entirely comfortable over the course of a season.


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Perhaps, it’s something he could develop similar to another skilful operator, Dennis Bergkamp. I’m not suggesting they are on a par but for all the Dutchman’s beautiful skills, he could dig in a play rough.

Arsenal will want to know their position regarding Odegaard as soon as Carlo Ancelloti put’s on his tracksuit. Likewise, the player will want to be told if he is part of the new manager’s plans as soon as possible but on the evidence of his successful loan period, it’s fairly safe to say that it will be a favourable response. Stranger things have happened, but it doesn’t look good from an Arsenal perspective.

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