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Edu Needs to go Before Arsenal Make Further Mistakes That They Can’t Afford This Summer

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I’m sticking my neck out here but after the dreadful performance in the ‘Buendia debacle’ where Arsenal were beaten to the Argentine midfielder’s transfer by Aston Villa, I’m calling for Edu to go. Aston Villa people!

We already have an inexperienced manager learning on the job and can’t afford a Technical Director who requires similar levels of patience. Let’s be clear here, Arteta can’t get on with rebuilding this team if he ends up with a pair of Willian’s or another David Luiz.

Edu’s watch is becoming a shambles with only Martinelli as his major contribution, a player who couldn’t buy minutes at a club in desperate need of his services. The combination of Arteta and Edu is now looking like a complete disaster for Arsenal and if I were Kroenke, I’d be the phone to Luis Campos as soon as I knew he was out of bed.

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The failure to land Buendia, although not a disaster, was another example of Arsenal’s ineptitude and highlighted the fundamental problems at key levels of the operations. We can’t get the players that we need and are only in line for the players no one else wants, hardly a bold revolution and more an indication that the Gunners are a jaded force.

Arsenal are being driven by two ‘yes’ men (Arteta & Edu), who are working from different handbooks and heading in different directions. Don’t tell me there is some master plan because I don’t believe it. No doubt it will be another last-minute trolley dash for cast off’s or the great unwanted.

Arsenal’s links to Sterling and Mahrez persist, but are we now a home for players that don’t fit the blueprint elsewhere? How embarrassing! I’m no longer in favour of trusting the process while the club falls apart at the seams and makes its way into obscurity fighting for a mid-table position and occasionally doing well in a cup competition.


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Arteta won’t include Martinelli or Azeez and has farmed Saliba out, all massive mistakes but worse still was the pairs’ failure to secure a creative midfielder after it became clear that Ozil was finished at the club. Edu would have lost his Arsenal job for that alone in my opinion and Arteta would be told to sort himself out or face the consequences.

It’s never easy being an Arsenal fan, but at the moment, it’s almost impossible with Laurel and Hardy in charge of a club that considers shirt sales more important than trophies. If this transfer window goes the same as the last, Kroenke needs to sack the pair and hand the keys over to Daniel Ek. Enough is enough!

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