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Edu Needs to go All Out to Sign This €50m ‘Henryesque’ Midfield Target For Arsenal

Eduardo Camavinga, United, Stade Rennais

For all the talk about the various players that could fill Arsenal’s creative midfield void, Eduardo Camavinga of Rennes should now be the priority. The elastic, swivel-hipped 18-year-old Frenchman could change the direction of the club almost overnight with an array of delightful skills at his disposal.

Don’t be fooled by the boy’s slender physique, he has an appetite to rescue the ball from the opposition’s poachers, yet, it’s his ability to jiggle through a sea of outstretched legs and baffle the radar of opposition defenders that amuses the most.

He makes decisive tackles but he can also deliver from set-pieces, something Arsenal found impossible throughout the campaign. Too many times last season the Gunners squandered the advantage of a corner, many of which harmlessly floated to the fringes of the area and more often than not failed to squeeze past the first defender.

Eduardo Camavinga can provide a cutting pass and also has a goal in him, just think of faster, more nibble, and upright Louis Saha and you aren’t far away from the qualities he brings. I love his swagger which is ‘Henryesque’ and his confidence and belief in his skills, all of which makes him absolutely irresistible, but he won’t be cheap which surely is the problem.

It’s thought that Rennes will demand a hefty €50m for Camavinga, which is a decent price for a player with such talent and promise. Yes, Arsenal could probably go shopping for bargains in the basement of world football but this boy is exactly what they need.

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After watching a great deal of footage, I started seeing him in an Arsenal shirt which is almost like killing the deal before the clubs even get together. Although Arsenal have at least expressed a mild interest in Camavinga, that interest hasn’t yet turned into an offer.

Edu should be all over it, he should be camped outside Roazhon Park clutching a contract, a case full of Stan vouchers, and a pair of plane tickets back to Holloway. I doubt he is, it’s not the Arsenal way to be purposeful and direct. No, the Gunners like to operate at a snail’s pace, under cover of darkness allowing other clubs every opportunity to steal a march on their targets.

Stay tuned for the latest Arsenal transfer news as we get it.

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