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Emery’s Tactical Fantasy is Clearly Haemorrhaging Points With the Competition Pulling Further Away

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Arsenal really are misfiring this season under Emery and at this rate with two premiership wins in nine games and five points from their last four games, they are in imminent danger of falling out of the top six and heading for a mid table finish.

An over exaggeration ? I don’t think so because Arsenal can’t defend a lead of 2-0, let alone a slender 1-0.

What’s happening at present is a continuous collapse that shows no signs of ending. A downward spiral of epic proportions that seems completely unresolvable, as if Emery’s ideas have all dried up. Is anyone following him ? Is he unable to inspire ? Has he lost the support of the players ?

There’s something not right, with all the talent at his disposal, because it appears that Emery can’t find a system or formation that can squeeze a win.

After the earlier draw against Wolves and the recent Vardy sized whooping at Liecester, Emery needs a series of wins to not only get back in contention but to keep him in his job. Not overreacting ? this is now a crisis in the making and Emery is resembling the captain of a ship that has sprung a significant leak but one which sees him in denial. With the sea covering his shoes and the boat tipping into the water Emery declared,

“It’s a bad result, but tactically it worked how we wanted.”

Really Mr. Emery? Wolves had 25 shots compared to Arsenal’s 10 and even when the gunners were a goal to the good, it never really appeared that a favourable result was likely. As I said pre match, Arsenal can’t defend well enough, in significant numbers, with a collective determination to achieve anything other than a loss or a draw.

With the justifiable boo’s still ringing in his ears, Emery will console himself that he still has the support of his employers but these are the types of comments that normally have a hollow ring to them as results go awry.

The game itself against Wolves was a mixed bag and things looked fairly positive when Lacazette put Aubameyang through for his goal in the 21st minute but instead of tightening their grip, Arsenal began surrendering their ground.


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It was entirely inevitable that Wolves would get back on terms. when Joao Moutinho’s teasing ball into the area was met in the 76th minute by Mexican striker Raúl Jiménez’s head.

No Xhaka and No Mustafi to blame and fans couldn’t even complain that Mesut Ozil has been jettisoned onto his sofa for yet another game. Everything was in place for a win but it wasn’t forthcoming, even with the lions share of possession and the one of the sharpest attacks in the league, a win is still a stranger.

Ozil’s return saw more exquisite touches and he had ideas aplenty but this side can’t connect with them and it raises the age old question, is it the fault of Ozil or the failure to build support around him ?

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That’s one hell of a question as the ship starts to disappear from sight and Emery takes a final deep breath before going under the water.

With Ozil all things seem possible, without him they seem highly improbable. He played this game with flair, energy and his usual swagger but was unable to single handedly serve up the win Arsenal fans yearned for.

At least they are on his side and they currently favour him heavily over his beleaguered Spanish coach in Emery, who can only look on as things unravel.

It wasn’t the best of starts against Wolves, Arsenal couldn’t even find their way out of their own half for the first quarter of an hour, it was as if they’d lost the coordinates or were fearful of the imposing white line that divided the pitch in half. As the game wore on, it had all the hallmarks of another disappointing day at the office.

The fact that Arsenal even have a point to put in the bank was due to a fine display of acrobatics from Bernd Leno who palmed Doherty’s effort aside and later met a curling shot by Rúben Neves.

Leno didn’t know before the game that he’d have to make up for so many lapses from Chambers, Sokratis and the rest of the leaky defence and perhaps should demand be a share of their wages as a result.

Horror of horrors, Wolves could have even won the game but for some inept finishing but they’d done enough to draw clouds to the Emirates.

Well it definitely has gotten worse now hasn’t it ? if things go from bad to worse for Emery then Arsenal could be twelve points behind Leicester after international break if they lose to the saints next. Jamie Vardy’s already relishing the feast he received this weekend and if Arsenal’s slap dash defence continue at this rate once again, Arsenal might actually be 20 points of the top of the league and its only November. Pretty damning for Unai Emery isn’t it.

Performances have been inconsistent but the speed with which Arsenal are losing ground is quite staggering and each loss heaps more pressure on Emery.

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