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Emery Could Leave Actually Arsenal Because of This Apparent Problem Thats He’s Facing At Arsenal

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Because the season is due to end reasonably soon and with very few solid transfer stories available, it was almost inevitable that someone, somewhere, would begin to question if Unai Emery will remain the coach at Arsenal.

The Arsenal boss has had a decent season up to now and at this point in time Emery has fully justified his appointment by keeping Arsenal in contention for a Champions league place in the premiership and improving on the previous campaign.

To be brutally honest, not even the most optimistic Arsenal fan would have thought that the club would still be competing in the Europa league or chasing a 4th place finish. Emery inherited a series of problems, none of his own making that included under performing players, a substantial injury list and an absence of funds for transfers in January.

The Daily Star has put 2 & 2 together and made 36 by suggesting that Emery will happily walk away if the club refuse him the necessary funds to rebuild the team.

This is surely the highest quality bullshit that the press has delivered this season. I’m sure that Emery was aware of the scale of the job when he signed on the dotted line and having seen Arsenal spend fairly heftily on Aubameyang, Lacazette, Leno and Torreira, he knew that FFP was waiting to curtail any immediate plans he may have had.

Emery also showed good knowledge of Arsenal’s academy and relished the prospect of working with the finest group of young stars in the club’s history, something that the Dark Lord, Ivan Gazidis, the former CEO said had impressed him at the interview process.

Emery no doubt knew about the Adidas sponsorship deal worth £300m and although the funds won’t be available in one large chunk, it will provide a degree of disposable income to be used to rebuild.

Emery was probably also aware that part of the burden associated with his post was to bring champions league football back to the Emirates and finish as high as possible in the premier league. Then there’s the summer clear out. Which will rid the club of its fringe players and the diminishing wage bill from players out of contract, so, funds will be available but it’s a case of how much.

John Cross ( Daily Mirror ) a regular worry monger of Arsenal fans reported that Emery will only have around £40m to spend but the factors that I’ve just outlined seem to have escaped his attention and a final figure can’t be pencilled in until the last kick of the season or until the books have been balanced from sales.

It’s pure speculation but the figure given by John Cross of £40 million could increase to £100m quite easily but regardless of this, Unai Emery is tied to a contract, appears content and no matter what interest he has from other clubs, he will adhere to his contract regardless.

The press are ignoring the fact that if the Spanish coach manages to reinvent Arsenal and make them competitive again, he will have increased his own personal value tenfold.

Emery could well be inundated with offers in the future but Arsenal are a hard employer to leave of your own free will. I can’t remember one that has walked away on his own volition, including Arsene Wenger.

Perhaps this is another blatant attempt to confuse and distract the coach, players and fans but I’m sure Arsenal fans are too smart for this wishy washy crap !

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