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Emery Can Get Kroenke To Actually Invest In Arsenal And This is How

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The perfect scenario for the end to the season is that Arsenal get a top four finish in the Premier League and win the Europa League final to inject transfer funds into the club from Stan Kroenke.

The less palatable scenario is that they achieve neither and have to rely on the crumbs from Kroenke’s NFL table and a slice of the Adidas sponsorship deal, which will not realistically be enough for Unai Emery to reinforce or rebuild the troubled North London outfit.

In that event, Emery should demand talks to see if both parties have a joint vision for the club that will take it forward in every respect.

If Emery is left with minimal additions and the academy as the only available options, perhaps he should turn the screws to get the investment he needs.

Why not ! Stan Kroenke doesn’t really care about the club as long as it sits alongside the American division of his empire and looks nice in a glossy portfolio.

Selling popcorn, frankfurters, hats and horns maybe his priority as his ventures over the pond rake in the big bucks.
However, there is a danger that Kroenke will reduce Arsenal to a mediocre, mid table football club, that will be unable to keep pace with its competitors, all of which have benevolent benefactors with endless streams of cash.

Emery, I feel, is in the position where he has already shown his talent but he needs the support of the club if they are to achieve more. If he leaves after his first term, the Arsenal hierarchy would be stuck with a job that is devaluing by the season and which appears an almost impossible task.

A position that comes with extremely limited resources and is headed by a mishmash of heads of department. The club can’t even attract a technical director and lost its well respected head of recruitment in a slightly embarrassing cash crisis.

To be fair, if Emery did this, he would risk his position in a club full of airheads but he might actually twist a Stan Kroenke arm enough to free up the necessary cash.

If he ignores the situation, it will get a thousand times worse and he will be expected to manage in the same way season after season.


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He may need to show passion and anger of the touchline bust at Everton to stake his claim for a ‘cash splash’. That was where he showed a raging spirit that embarrassed his players who didn’t seem too bothered.

I’m all for a revolution under Emery and the club should be thanking their lucky stars that he wants the challenge of being Arsenal coach.

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