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New twist in #EmeryOut Saga:- Is Josh Kroenke losing faith in the Spaniard?

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Having heard that a percentage of Arsenal fans want Unai Emery removed from the managers post and some players are unhappy with training methods, there was a need to evaluate the story to some degree. The anti Arsenal media are an inventive and imaginative bunch and the only real evidence of unrest within the squad came from former Arsenal player, Alan Smith.

His comments suggested that there may well be problems within the walls of the Emirates but the following the day the Star took it a stage further by suggesting that Josh Kroenke was unconvinced by Arsenal’s final run in under Emery and resisted the urge to spend more in the summer transfer window.

Looking at this story objectively, Arsenal spent more than anyone thought likely and I doubt that there were more deals in the pipeline  for Emery and Arsenal that could have been concluded before transfer deadline day.

Arsenal’s transfer activity wasn’t based on the end of season finish, if so, they would have spent less after failing to qualify for the Champions league.

Josh Kroenke, like the rest of us may have been deeply concerned by Arsenal’s but he was acutely aware that there would be a period of unprecedented upheaval before things improved on and off the field.

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Ian McGarry, apparently a transfer guru speculated in The Star that,

“There’s a little bit of doubt creeping into the Arsenal hierarchy about Unai Emery, specifically with Josh Kroenke.”

He added,

“They’re not close to sacking him, that’s not what we’re saying here. But what we’ve been told is that they didn’t want to invest a huge amount of money on the basis that ‘we have to suck it and see’ with this guy. He’s got a lot of things right and he’s got some things wrong, as we saw against Watford last weekend when they couldn’t have got it defensively more wrong.”

The truth is, that the more one looks into the Star’s story, the more fluffy it appears. It’s just an observational piece that has been made to sound as if Kroenke has no faith in Emery.

Logically, in the rational world, Emery’s success or failure will be judged on the outcome of this season and ultimately qualification to the champions league. A premier league challenge is unthinkable and completely unrealistic with Emery or without and for those craving the arrival of Jose Mourinho, it’s the long term that needs to be considered not the next 18 months to three years.

Mourinho is the football equivalent of two paracetamol, enough to relieve the initial pain but the condition will worsen if not treated correctly over time.

Josh Kroenke would no doubt have impressed upon Unai Emery the need for the CL next season and I doubt the Spaniard is naive enough to think that his position is safe on the evidence of the season so far but I have to reiterate that we are only 5 games into the season with key players returning to the side within weeks.

Emery’s fate will be sealed at the end of the season as opposed to its beginning, unless there is a catastrophic meltdown and Arsenal slide to mid table mediocrity. Emery has endured far worse at PSG than a handful of spiteful tabloid hacks who want to see the back of him.

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