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A marriage of Inconvenience, Emery has no Choice but to use his Discarded Star as the Protagonist for Their Turnaround now

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The embarrassing situation at the Emirates regarding the spat between Arsenal coach Unai Emery and his highly paid playmaker Mesut Ozil has taken a new, awkward twist.

With Xhaka facing a period out of the gunners first team, the door opened, ever so slightly and reluctantly for Ozil’s return. His inclusion in the EFL game against Liverpool was a welcome and slightly fortunate one but he took the opportunity to make Emery look slightly daft by putting in a creative shift full of sublime touches and creative flair.

It’s one of those stories where it seems the circumstances have been written for entertainment purposes but it’s been anything but for Ozil who has been made to look inadequate and inferior.

Emery declared that others deserved their chance in the side rather than Ozil, who despite the loan of Dani Cabellos, is still the most talented player at the club.

When he’s on song his football is effortless, often seeing things that aren’t possible in real time but at his level, the action tends to unfold as he foresaw.

Emery knows Ozil’s worth, not because it’s on his wage slip, but because everyone knows it. His downfall ? Being seen as lazy and inconsistent, which has been part of Emery’s unspoken argument for excluding the player.

It’s no secret the pair have no time for each other, none at all and with each standing their ground, the biggest loser has been football, Arsenal and it’s supporters.


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The fact that the Spaniard hasn’t got the best out of his star says more about his ability than the players. If the real Mesut Ozil turns up and turns it on, Emery will be between a rock and a hard place.

Humble pie is a difficult dessert to swallow and no doubt Arsenal will say that Emery’s act of exclusion has revived the playmaker’s flagging football fortunes but surely there was another and cheaper way.

So, this blog will either look incredibly intuitive as the season progresses or it will vindicate Emery, who will once again be able to point to a series of unproductive and inconsistent performance from Ozil being the merit behind their earlier spat and subsequent exile.

Let’s hope for the best possible result for Arsenal after the international break and if that includes a great individual performance by Ozil and going on to continue throughout the season, who will complain ? Emery might.

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