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Emery suddenly under siege at Arsenal after just five games as another potentially massive revelation comes out of the dressing room

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Impatience amongst supporters seems to be a feature of modern football and it has to be said that the majority of people trying to oust Unai Emery from Arsenal, clearly don’t understand much about football or the task that he was given back in 2018.

They weren’t happy with Wenger and now it appears they aren’t happy with Emery and Arsenal may be on the verge of their own ‘David Moyes moment’

We all remember how United went through a succession of the brave and the bland, which took them even further away from success. Just saying !

So why the panic ?  The backend of last season saw Arsenal implode but they only missed out on a champions league slot by a single point. They could have, if they’d applied themselves, been coasting in third 8 or 12 points clear but the gunners have always done things the hard way.

At the time the fans appeared to be a generally accept the circumstances and that there would be as many faces going out as there were coming in. The reshaped management structure sanctioned a an unexpected spending spree and optimism seemed to abound.

Apart from fan criticism, there are now reports of Arsenal players unrest. The insistence of playing out from the back didn’t work well last season and looks doomed to failure in this campaign.

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Yet, Emery insists this is the style of football he wants to play at Arsenal, with or without the right players to implement it but some players are questioning the wisdom if it’s causing uncertainty and resulting in errors.

Maitland Niles said after the Watford vs Arsenal game,

“I think we tried to play the way we played, we should have changed it instead of being so persistent and trying to play out from the back.”

Players are also said to be confused by the tactics Emery gives out before a match, which is normally the beginning of an a major mutiny in the making.

Former Arsenal striker Alan Smith who still has strong connections at the club said,

“Like Gareth Southgate, the Arsenal manager has a fantastic front three to play around with. But behind that attack so many questions need answers, as that chaotic to-and-fro in Southampton proved for the Three Lions. What, for instance, constitutes Emery’s best midfield combination? Does he persist with a three or change formation slightly to incorporate a No 10 in the shape of Dani Ceballos or Mesut Ozil. On the evidence so far, something needs to change.”

He added,

“Maybe it is down to a lack of understanding. I have heard whispers, after all, that some of the players find their manager’s instructions confusing, that they do not really know what he wants them to do. If so, that does not bode well. A clarity of purpose is essential.”

I recently did a blog that examined Emery’s first team staff which amounted to 23, a generous amount of personnel for any premier league club like Arsenal and that includes two assistants. How can the message be clear when there are so many having input ?

However, that’s not the end of it, this is Arsenal , so there needs to be extra spice in the story. The squad are concerned that the training has become repetitive and that they rarely work on pressing the opposition.

They apparently object to his video analysis sessions which can drag on for a few hours. The attention to detail has apparently overshadowed the training ground requirements and it’s said that the players have now tired at the barrage of data they receive.

The Spaniard has also ditched training sessions where the under 23’s mimicked the playing style of their opponents, which a number of senior players see as a huge mistake.

Now all this may just be another smokescreen from the press to destabilize Arsenal but when Alan Smith starts to hear whispers, there is likely to be more than a grain of truth in the report.

It remains to be seen if Emery can restart Arsenal’s stuttering season and lift up player morale. There’s no need to react quite so quickly, after just five games but points need to be collected reasonably quickly.

Liverpool are already 7 points clear of 7th placed Arsenal with a GD of +11. If the gunners don’t find their groove soon, they could be chasing those in second, third and fourth.

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