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Unai Emery Proven Right About Neymar As The Brazilian Seems All Set For PSG Departure

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Unai Emery looked suitably tired, whenever the subject of Neymar came into the conversation. In modern football, highly paid players have more power than anyone ever imagined.

They have the ability in some cases to oust a manager and we’ve seen our fair share of that in the premiership with Chelsea, but the most high profile spats of late, have featured players who refuse to play, choose when to play or simply down tools if they don’t like what’s been asked of them.

This type of unrest is on the increase and there isn’t a club that hasn’t had its share of trouble involving high profile players. Let’s go back to George Best, Mario Balotelli, Nicolas Anelka and then add more recent names such as Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Paul Pogba and of course, Neymar, the hairdressers champion.

Of all those examples, surely Neymar is the worst. In my opinion, Neymar is totally overrated. A would be star without the consistent skills to match. An egotistical talent that is obscured by a fog of self indulgence and someone who isn’t half as good as the superstars of the past.

He’s no Zidane, no Cruyff and he certainly isn’t Messi or Ronaldo. I find him completely infuriating. Sure he has a few nice touches, agility and ability but he rarely stands up and can roll over the turf like a giant log heading down a mountainside. During his time at PSG, the Brazilian has made the task of coaching the side almost impossible and his dissatisfaction under Unai Emery led to the Spaniard looking for the emergency exit and prompted his departure to Arsenal.

It’s no secret that Emery’s experience with Neymar has soured his palette and probably prompted his subsequent clashes with a certain Mesut Ozil. He has no liking for those that have no team ethic and has no desire to pamper or comfort needy, highly paid players that won’t stick to the game plan.

The road gets extremely bumpy for those that challenge him these days and all alternative routes lead to the bench. Emery wisely chose to see his time out with PSG by keeping his distance and recognising that he had no choice but to let the player take charge.

He insisted they parted on good terms but stated,

“I know when I am the principal person in the group and when I am not. At PSG, the leader is Neymar. At Manchester City, it’s Pep Guardiola”

Through gritted and bitter teeth, Emery went on,

“My priority was to make Neymar happy, it didn’t matter how. Neymar arrived at PSG in order to be the leader, to live the necessary process to become number one in the world.”

Finally adding,

“I had a lot of discussions with Neymar about this. Sometimes the talks did not work, other times they were very successful. During one of them, we spoke for 45 minutes heart-to-heart. It was a magnificent moment. He listened to me and I convinced him of certain things but it is a process, one that will make him the best.”

Well it now appears that PSG have stopped bending over backwards and have tired of the constant diva behaviour and this has prompted Neymar to ask for a transfer.

The sad fact is he will get it, even if the deal doesn’t recoup the £198million they paid for him. It’s better to rid a club of a disrupting influence even if it hits them hard financially. Just think Marko Arnautović !

Neymar is mostly going to head back to Barcelona because there aren’t many other clubs around that will worship his every word and that are prepared to pay him what he ISN’T worth !!!

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