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Emery in or out | Are the minority right ? Should the Spaniard wave adiós or Is It Cheap Entertainment From Football’s Fickle Bunch

Emery, Emery out, Unai Emery, Unai

“Emery must be sacked immediately”, “Cannot wait for Arsenal to sack Emery”, and it continues. Some section of Arsenal supporters are demanding the dismissal of Unai Emery, just after the defeat to Liverpool at Anfield.

One loss. One loss early in the season to the winners of the Champions League and who finished a single point behind the best team in the country and suddenly Arsenal fans have hit the panic button, located the emergency exits and secured the parachutes.

Yes, the loss to Liverpool, which wasn’t terribly unexpected and but for a slice of good fortune, perhaps the gunners may have made a closer contest than it eventually turned out to be. Yet, some ignored the obvious gulf in class which even a mesmeric transfer window wasn’t able to solve and many wanted heads on poles. Moreover despite the loss, bookmakers around the world including some of the best nz casino sites are offering greater odds on Arsenal finishing in the top four ahead of the likes of United and Chelsea. 

A few days on and although some remain optimistic, others have thrown in the towel just days before the NLD, with many using Ozil’s misguided and infantile words “you are not a coach”. Others are claiming Emery is simply a bad appointment whilst the harsher stuff is unprintable.

Look, let’s clear the air here.

Emery is still in a transitional stage and is tasked with undoing two or three years of complete ineptitude by the owner, club and former manager. He inherited an assorted gaggle of overpaid, under-worked, unsuccessful misfits, claiming money for nothing and has had so much to do it’s almost negligent on the club’s behalf.

If people want to start moaning about the present, they need to look at the past before they jump up and down and begin making placards. It seems the minority of good time Charlie Arsenal fans are unwilling to look at the bigger picture or wait until Emery has no excuses left. He has genuine claim to a series of excuses right now !

Yes, there were a few decisions that were questionable by Emery. The absence of Lacazette, who has recently looked incredibly sharp. The introduction of the diamond formation that left Monreal looking like a man tied to a horse whilst someone slapped it on the backside.

The formation provided acres of space for the Liverpool fullbacks to eat up and as they maintained the pressure high up, it was inevitable that Arsenal would wilt.

Having said that, if the result had been closer and Emery had pulled of a draw or better, those fans looking for his dismissal would have been singing his praises.

The worst example of Arsenal fans continues to be from the loathsome AFTV, which is full of spitting image characters. The lame brain mentality was obvious with a succession of reactionary, emotional rants which ignored all the facts and never, for one moment, considered that Jürgen Klopp has been building this team since 2015.

Ian Wright (love him) questioned Emery’s decisions, but certainly didn’t call for his resignation.

Simon Jordan questioned the appointment of Emery and ended up performing an all out attack on David Luiz, whilst Adrian Durham (Talksport) hacked away at Emery’s credibility, even referring to him as ‘Unai Wenger’ Durham took exception to the tactics on the day and said:

“There’s a couple of things I want to say about who I am now calling ‘Unai Wenger’

“He plays a diamond when Liverpool have got the most brilliant wing-backs/full-backs in the Premier League, possibly Europe.

“And he decides that is a good system to go with, it’s extraordinary.”

Not that anyone should read too much into these comments because Durham is no stranger to Arsenal fan baiting and trying to plump up his listening figures to more than just immediate friends and family.

In 2015/16 Liverpool finished 8th and the marauding Manchester City could only finish 4th.

In 2016/17, they finished 4th, just one point ahead of Arsenal and 2 behind Manchester City.

In 2017/18, they finished 4th behind Spurs, 35 points behind runaway champions Manchester City.


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This serves to show that neither Klopp or Liverpool were an overnight success and that investment, patience and time were required in equal measure. Anyone who thinks that Emery should be dismissed for one result should follow a netball team because they clearly don’t understand football.

If Emery manages to steer Arsenal to a stylish victory over Spurs, no doubt those calling for his head will be heaping praise on him and pinning medals on his chest.

Football’s fickle bunch are always entertaining.

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