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Similar Failings Once Again for Granit Xhaka, Isn’t it Past High Time for Emery to wake up and smell the coffee.

Xhaka, Arsedevils

The post-mortem on Arsenal’s timid and embarrassing display at Bramall Lane was always going to be unpleasant but yet again, Calum Chambers probably was the best of a bad bunch. But the villians were the same and Xhaka was one of the regular names on that list.

With Chambers, you always get a dash of pride and commitment, no matter what the score line is. This has been evident in Chambers performances when given the nod this season but Emery plays him on the right, which simply doesn’t work.

Emery is doing a Wenger by playing people out of their comfort zone or asking them to perform in roles that aren’t natural to them. Yet there’s an answer right under his nose and has been before a ball was kicked this season. Moreover if you’re a gambling man in such a scenario, you can check out these real money online casinos which are offering wonderful betting tips and advice on how to win the occasional bet.

Chambers acquitted himself well as a holding midfielder at Fulham and although results didn’t favour them greatly, Chambers looked good in the role, so good he was voted Fulham’s player of the season.

Hello Unai Emery ! He obviously failed to get the press release and decided that the centre back should play on the right. The most logical move was to replace Granit Xhaka, who yet again failed to mark his man while ball watching for the Blades winning goal.

The ball came across from the corner on the left and looked relatively harmless until O’Connell out jumped Guendouzi. Luiz was stranded side on and Xhaka nodded off, allowing Mousset to creep in without a single challenge to tap it in.

It seems that Xhaka learns nothing from his mistakes, he could have taken up residency on the post, like any defensive minded player but no, Xhaka watched the ball go over his head, lost Mousset and gifted him a goal.

Unfair ? No ! He’s the captain and should be organising or leading. Instead, he just Fanny’s around aimlessly waiting for someone else to do his work. Guendouzi was too far off his man to put in an Aerial challenge. Luiz, with all his experience, was redundant and wasn’t anticipating the next move but Xhaka saw the header and didn’t move to block the player.

When will Emery learn, never apparently ! Xhaka has been poor for three seasons, continuously making mistakes by either failing to mark properly, giving away penalties or giving the ref no other option than to show him a card. Captain ? I don’t think so.


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The performance was poor, that’s not Xhaka’s fault but yet again he failed to do his job or show he is worthy of the captaincy. There will be more of these obvious moments during the season which Emery will no doubt ignore but Xhaka needs to go.

His failure to track back on Paul Pogba in April 2018 gifted the Frenchman a goal opportunity which he took with ease and it lead to Graham Souness branding the midfielder “a fool” and adding that he’s “naive in the basics of football.”

That’s just one example, I’m sure you have your own but it’s clear that Arsenal don’t play fluently with Xhaka in the side and that Emery has better options for the role of DM including Lucas Torreira who is currently being frozen out.

After writing this I stumbled across the lyrics of a Doobie brothers song, complete with an advert for retro Arsenal kits. I’ll let you judge if it’s appropriate for Unai Emery and his insistence on playing Granit Xhaka

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