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Petit Accuses Arsenal’s Hierarchy of Lies but it’s not Entirely Unfamiliar to any Football Supporter

Emmanuel Petit

Former Gunner, Emmanuel Petit, has been busy on all things Arsenal. Saturating the press with his various views on life at the Emirates and on topics such as potential management candidates.

Normally the Frenchman’s comments are considered and not dreadfully controversial but perhaps, he was just waiting for the right opportunity.

After Arsenal’s recent poor performance against Leicester, the board decided to voice its support for under fire Spaniard, Unai Emery. It’s generally accepted that that’s what happens in these circumstances but we all know that these measures are completely perfunctory, but it appears to be something new to Emmanuel Petit.

Emmanuel Petit has accused his former club of playing ‘politics’ by issuing this statement and further alleged the club were going through the motions:

“What the club came out and said about Emery’s job being safe is not true at all,”

Hardly a shock really, it’s universally recognised that a pledge of unexpected support is a precursor to a dismissal and it comes at a time when Emery can’t buy a win. It’s fairly obvious that if the club continues to plummet and under perform, the board will be left with no choice but to wave goodbye, something the Sun corroborated in an article:

“Emery’s fate will be decided after the team’s performances this month and in December.”

“If Arsenal are in contention of securing a top-four finish after their fixture against Manchester United on New Year’s Day, Emery will be given until the end of the season.”

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It could prove to be a frustrating six weeks or so before we know the future of Arsenal and Emery’s.

There are no guarantees in the beautiful game or Watford wouldn’t be down near the bottom of the table and likewise Leicester wouldn’t be in contention at the top. Expect the unexpected because no one saw this situation at Arsenal, but it has an all too familiar look about it.

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