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Player Focus: England’s Top Scorer Is Headed to Russia for the World Cup and it’s not Harry Kane

As the FIFA World Cup 2018 kicks-off tonight in Russia, there is lot of fuss surrounding around who will be taking the Golden Trophy home as well as which players will shine the brightest in the biggest event of football. One such player hoping to give his best will be Danny Welbeck.

The English forward is back from injury and is headed straight to Russia to join the Three Lions on their journey to win the most prestigious award of all- The FIFA World Cup.

Danny Welbeck Is Back in the Game

There may be a number of people who would be surprised to discover the identity of the football player in Gareth Southgate’s team who is headed to Russia to take part in the World Cup as the leading scorer for the squad. We’ll give you a clue: it’s not Harry Kane.


Danny Welbeck is the player we’re talking about, and while he regularly seems to feel the ire of commentators on social media platforms, this Arsenal Forward has totaled more goals in English colours than Marcus Rashford, Raheem Sterling, and Jamie Vardy combined!

Impressive Goal Tally for England’s Top scorer in the Squad Danny Welbeck

Punters who enjoy Welbeck’s performances thanks to the sports betting NZ and the rest of the globe provides, will know that he is responsible for 15 goals in total, from 37 appearances, even though he has only played the full 90-minutes ten times.

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Kane is next in line, with 12 goals reaped from 23 caps and 13 full appearances, but there’s nobody else in double figures. It’s worth remembering that four different managers for the English team, Southgate, Roy Hodgson, Fabio Capello, and Stuart Pearce, all chose the Arsenal forward over the course of his seven-year career as an international player. When he can, Welbeck gets the call and boy does he take it well!

Injuries Have Been an Issue

Welbeck has unfortunately not been able to take the call as often as he would have liked since signing to Arsenal from Manchester United back in 2014.


He needed major surgery for cartilage in his left knee, and similar issues with his right knee saw him suffer through another extended, disheartening layoff. The English forward did not make the Euro 2016 because of the second operation, and he has spoken out about how this period was one of the hardest he’s had to endure.

Welbeck is Raring to Go

Welbeck spoke of his recovery being difficult, and lonely, and said that he struggled with not being able to do what he loved: helping his teammates and playing The Beautiful Game. He says that he had an incredible amount of time on his hands, since he couldn’t put any weight on his leg for 8 weeks, and that there was a period where he didn’t even leave his house.

He spoke of eventually being allowed to train again, and says that all he did was focus on getting back into shape and then head home to recover, and said that he read a lot during this period. Mike Tyson’s autobiography, Undisputed Truth, was a favourite, and he speaks of really benefiting from Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable, a book which details Tim Grover’s work with the biggest stars in basketball.

But enough about injuries, and recovery! Danny Welbeck is on his way to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, and is sure to do the English side proud. At 27-years old, Welbeck is one of the older players to have been selected by Southgate, who has chosen his squad with pace in mind. Welbeck, we’re sure, fancies himself as a favourite for being the most rapid out of the blocks.

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