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Arsenal Fans Need to Stop Griping And Start Supporting The Team

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I’m not a Kroenke fan, but I am an Arsenal fan and have been for many years, I was at primary school when I attended my first game. I’ve braved the wind and the rain, trudged out in the snow and on occasion, I’ve travelled far from home to places I wouldn’t normally be seen dead.

There’s nothing worse than hours spent on the various forms of transport only to see the team lose, sometimes terribly, then having to face the prospect of making your way home under the clouds of despondency and defeat.

There have been seasons that have been deleted from my memory as soon as the last whistle blew on the last day and there have been years in the wilderness without any chance of being in contention for all the major trophies.

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Through those barren spells at Arsenal, we’re talking years, with average teams and little reward, I’ve stood by the team, at times, a blindly loyal fan and I still am today. However, there’s a new breed of fans, with high expectations and ambitions that are impatient and oblivious to the roads that we all need to go down until we find a brighter future.

The Arsenal fan base is willing to sacrifice decency for silverware that is willing to abuse individuals that don’t meet their expectations and that fails to understand the rudimentary elements of the game. The landscape is changing and not in a good way, the supporters of the late ’90s and early ’00s have been replaced by an element of glory hunting individuals, racists and trolls.

The game is in danger of becoming a blight on the sporting calendar by the way it is now presenting itself to the understandably judgemental public with players, managers and coaches receiving threats in written form on social media.

Police had to investigate a fire at the house of Celtic’s outgoing chief executive Peter Lawwell. CCTV showed a man pouring an accelerant on three vehicles outside Lawwell’s property in Thorntonhall, South Lanarkshire with the blaze spreading to the house.

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Aaron Ramsdale was subjected to hideous abuse on social media because a handful of idiots objected to his move to Arsenal from Sheffield United. Yes, the loony fringe of Arsenal supporters have hit new levels of ridiculousness and it appears whichever way one turned, there was an attacker in the shadows which prompted my comment on social media:

“You put the wagons in a circle to fend off the pundits, ex-Arsenal players, media and press and then realise you’ve barricaded the enemy in with you.”

Staggering that one set of supporters can be so divided. Let’s unite and support the team.

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Anti Kroenke , anti Gazidis but always a gooner. Still wishes he could watch from the stands at the Highbury library.

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