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N10-007 Exam: Launch Your Career on a Good Footing Through the Globally Recognized CompTIA Certificatio

Network+ by CompTIA is an entry-level certification with no strict pre-requisite requirements which is ranked among the top 5 most popular networking badges in the world. Earning it, you receive great career prospects even if you’re just starting your professional track in IT. In this article, let’s dive in deeper to find out what rewards and benefits this credential has in hold for you.

Pathway to Network+

It’s just CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Exam that’s in between you and a promising start to your networking career. This 90-minute test consisting of 90 multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and performance-based questions. You’ll receive a score on a scale of 100-900 (a passing mark is 720) based on your success at the following domains:

  • Core security concepts
  • Understanding of latest hardware and virtualization techniques
  • Understanding maintenance strategies to ensure business continuity
  • A Plus Exam Questions 220-1001

These themes are quite broad, so the test might be challenging for you. But, let’s take a look at some rewards that will certainly motivate you to pursue the Network+ badge anyway.

Recognition of Network+ Credential

CompTIA is a body that strives to design certifications that reflect the trends and skill requirements in the industry. The following are organizations that vouch for this standard maintained by CompTIA by trusting and using Network+ to make hiring decisions:

According to the Latest PayScale statistics, the average annual salary of a Network+ professional is $66k which can easily go upwards of $90k for various job specifications and experience you bring forward.

The above-mentioned facts are attractive for sure but there’s also a set of features you may not find in other similar certifications available in the market. Some of them are highlighted and discussed below.

Unique Features of Network+

CompTIA has taken the effort to create its credentials in a unique way. Thus, the distinct characteristics of CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Test Questions include:

  • N10-007 exam can be taken completely online. For individuals who are already committed to a full-time job or have other responsibilities, you can save valuable time spent traveling to a test center. Additionally, facing N10-007 assessment in a familiar environment like home can positively affect your mental state and scores.
  • CompTIA offers a fully-fledged package of preparation resources. These include virtual labs, video lessons, study guides, and practice tests so that you can accomplish learning objectives giving weight to both theoretical aspects and hands-on skills.
  • Network+ is a vendor-neutral certification so you don’t constraint yourself to working with just a single platform or set of solutions.
  • Your Exams is valid for 3 years but with CompTIA’s continuing education program, you can participate in learning activities conducted by experts to earn points and keep your networking skills fresh.


CompTIA takes pride in creating badges where the entire journey of training, testing, renewing, and building a professional network from there on is a great experience. Acquiring its Network+ certification through Certbolt CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Test Exam: SY0-501 , you open up a multitude of opportunities in the industry that relies heavily on interconnected services. So, seize the moment and apply for this badge today to enjoy the benefits soon!

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