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Unai Emery Post Match Interview Decoded As He Reveals Why Arsenal Lost To Chelsea

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Two matches played,zero points won,17th in the table. This has certainly been Arsenal’s worst start to a Premier League campaign in years but Unai Emery had the toughest fixture one could get in his first two games.Losing 3-2 to the Blues on Saturday was extremely disappointing,considering all the ‘easy chances’ we had to score in the first half. Well, Unai Emery has a lot of questions to answer. Lets take a look at the highlights of his post match interview.

“2-2 in the first half is a shock for us because we created more chances to score.”

Absolutely true as Aubameyang,Mkhitaryan and Iwobi had simple chances to score in the 18 yard box in the first half. The missed chances created pressure on the defense and the result tells us the entire story and Unai Emery needs to take a serious look at this problem.

“Our process is to just continue to improve the things, doing more with the balance of the defensive moments and attacking moments and also with the younger players with their passing.”

Unai Emery’s mentality is clear. He wants the wingers and and full backs to be more versatile. We saw Bellerin getting out of position so many times and Mkhitaryan not keeping up ground with Willian and Marcus Alonso ,leading to the first goal of the match. T

he players need to learn how to balance between attack and defense.We also saw the likes of Guendouzi(19) who had Unai Emery’s faith again to keep his place and Torreira(22) play short smart passes in the game and lose the possession at the very minimum which tells quite a bit about Unai Emery’s tactics. Arsenal need short passing and possession to be maintained and Unai Emery clearly looks to establish it.

Today with Auba, I know with the attacking players you have maybe one moment not scoring three chances and then maybe they are going to score three less clear chances.”

This is the reason why one should love Unai Emery. His optimism is unparalleled. Even after Aubameyang missed the sitter,he was applauding him for his efforts.

This shows that Unai Emery has faith in his players. Aubameyang may have missed from 6 yards on Saturday,but moaning about the same just won’t help us. Mkhitaryan missed a goal from close range but responded with a cracking goal from outside the box a few minutes later.

“This is a tactical decision because he also had a yellow card.”

Taking off Granit Xhaka at half time is a statement in itself by Unai Emery. He took the Swiss international off due to the card as in the interview as he said but it could be some other tactic from him. Xhaka has been delivering consistently discouraging performances lately.

His slowness on the ball is a big problem and his distribution is questionable.Granit would have to improve immensely if he wants to be in Unai Emery’s Starting XI.

“We need to push the players to work with our ideas.”

A majority of players still have that Arsene Wenger playing style absorbed in them. Pushing the players to work with Unai Emery’s idea is a must and it is a work in a progress.The players and the coaching staff must co-operate well and sooner the players adopt to Unai Emery’s ideology, the better.

Missing the easy chances costed us the game clearly as we would have been 4-2 up at the end of the first half,silencing the Stamford Bridge. Another problem was our defense,especially Morata bullying Mustafi for the second goal.

There is just no way that Mustafi could let an attacker cut inside so easily.Unai Emery has to work more on the defensive aspect of the team.Finally,in my opinion Unai Emery chose the wrong starting XI. Torreira should have started instead of Xhaka and Lacazette should have played center forward with Aubameyang on the wing in the team.

Playing Iwobi instead of Ramsey was a strong move by Unai Emery and it worked. Alex Iwobi played brilliantly. However,substituting Lacazzette for Iwobi proved to be a wrong one. Mkhitaryan coming off for Lacazzette would be better.Iwobi was causing problems on the left flank ,whereas Mkhitaryan looked a bit tired on the wing and Unai Emery should have taken that into consideration.

Next up,we face the Hammers at the Emirates in what would be a must win match for both of the teams and most importantly for Unai Emery.Both teams have picked up zero points form the first two games and hence we expect to see another entertaining lively London Derby as we head more into the Unai Emery’s Era.


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