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5 Most Valuable Pieces of Football Memorabilia In The World Right Now

Football Memorabilia

Football memorabilia continues to gain popularity hand-in-hand with the sport that makes it possible. Collecting various sports items has become a favorite hobby across generations – from baby boomers to millennials; collectors share the same passion and interest for football, its players, and all things associated with it.

Collectors across the globe obtain football memorabilia because of personal attachments and sentiments. They obtain items from a specific team because it creates nostalgia for past glory days. They may feel connected with a particular player and hope that their athletic abilities or charm can work wonders in their own lives. Enthusiasts may even pride themselves in obtaining unique objects or find it thrilling to find a rare object related to their idols.

Ultimately, sports collectors engage in this hobby with the hope of substantial returns in the future. It appears that they do have their sights on something as sports memorabilia are increasing in value as each year passes. Football memorabilia is no different.

There are different types of football collectibles and a handful of ways to collect them. However, it’s undeniable that having authentic sports attire, document, or equipment in your possession doesn’t only bring you pride and joy but it can also give you considerable returns in the years to come.

In this article, we take a look at the most valuable football memorabilia in the world and how these serve as a testament to the glory of the personalities and events associated with the sport.

Football memorabilia collectors gather everything about their favorite players and monumental events, but some are far precious than others. The most valuable football memorabilia in the world, according to collectors like Thiago de Mattos, include:

Player Trophies

Trophies are symbols of success and triumph. For instance, in football, trophies are awarded to players and teams for winning prestigious events, such as the Premiership, Champions League, FA, and World Cup. To date, a player trophy from the World Cup stands at $40,000, which is a 200% increase from its initial value.

Older trophies can sell higher. A replica of Jules Rimet’s 1966 World Cup trophy is the third most expensive football memorabilia, which sold at £254,400.

Match Balls

Match balls are another kind of memorabilia among collectors. Its value can even go higher when it contains a player’s autograph. The ball serves as a vivid reminder of victory, and owning one makes a collector both proud and nostalgic.

Match Worn Gear

Apart from the ball used in a football cup final, jerseys and boots worn by football superstars, such as Messi, Pele, Ronaldo, Maradona, Beckenbauer, and Ronaldinho are popular collectibles. Though they’re hard to come by, obtaining a jersey or a pair of boots that come with a certificate of authenticity can indeed serve as a considerable investment.

For example, a pair of match-worn boots worn by Lionel Messi in 1998 is now valued at $10,000 from its original value of $4,000. His match-worn shirt, initially worth $4,000, is now double at $8,000.

Football Programs 

Football fans are fond of collecting World Cup programs. Rare programs as early as the 1800s are worth more than £30,000. Pre-World War I football programs sell at £8,000 while pre-WWII programs can fetch a minimum of £100 and can go as high as £2,500.

So, it’s time to dust off those old boxes and check the shelves in your attic to see if your grandpa left you something valuable.

Football Cards

Collectors often trade football cards. A mint condition and no known copies of a football card can fetch a considerable sum at an auction. What’s interesting about football cards is that even fairly recent cards can fetch considerable sums when it pictures World Cup big names.

The most expensive football card is the 1958 Pele Alfa Bolaget RC#635, which shows a picture of a young Pele in a blue-collared Brazil shirt–it’s said to fetch five figures.


Football memorabilia are popular across ages because many are passionate about the sport and its personalities. Collectors obtain different kinds of memorabilia because of the personal attachments and sentiments that these objects invoke.

At the same time, they also look for items that can give them considerable gains. With the highest appreciating values, some football memorabilia include player trophies in prestigious international events, match balls, gear worn by football superstars, and commemorative rings of their triumphs. Aside from personal effects, football cards also make wonderful collections. Rare cards in mint condition fetch the most value.

Football memorabilia isn’t only a favorite pastime for many generations, but it also serves as a potential investment for serious collectors.

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