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Should He Leave Or Not? Former Arsenal Players Split Over Whether Emery Should Bid Adieu To Their Star Playmaker Or Not

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Former Arsenal players are split over Ozil, but no one wants to buy the stars that Emery needs to get rid of.

Look, we know that there are players at Arsenal that, in an ideal world, Unai Emery should be waving off at the airport whilst calculating the considerable savings in wages and how best to spend those monies but it’s not an ideal world is it !

The three Amigo’s, comprised of Ozil, Mustafi and Xhaka would be the most likely to go through the exit door, if given the choice and you can add a handful of players that either need to be cut loose because of age or lack of quality and potentially, Arsenal are looking at a tidy sum.

However, the phone remains dormant and despite Emery staring at it for hours on end, there have been no takers for those on the ‘for sale’ list.

Behind the scenes, Arsenal are obviously making it known to anyone who will listen and that could engineer a transfer of the three amigo’s availability and all this bollocks of waiting for the right offer is laughable.

Arsenal will have to take a hit on any expectations they have of recouping their original outlay, it ain’t going to happen.

Only Xhaka would come close because of his contract extension, thank you Arsene for extending the agony of the fans who have to endure the sight of the Swiss gimp shanking the ball into the stands or providing the opposition with an opportunity to blitz through Arsenal’s fragile defence.

It appears that Ozil is the player that a large majority of fans think should be a transfer priority.

Former player Kevin Campbell said of Ozil:

“If it was up to me, he’d be gone,”

“I don’t think he can contribute enough to Arsenal. With the set-up and the way the Premier League is going, I don’t think he does enough.”

Well, no Kev, he doesn’t but who’s going to buy an expensive, lazy, 30 year old who ambles around the pitch like a leisurely pensioner at a village fete.

Campbell added:

“Is he a wonderfully gifted player? Of course he is. But the way his talent is going, he doesn’t do enough for me.”

Which is a bit like saying your Mother is a wonderful cook when she can be bothered.

Another former player, Martin Keown has been singing a similar tune in the past and is also an advocate of an Ozil departure.

“Ozil is your biggest player, and he cannot play away from home. Half the games he’s not available for. Something’s gotta give there.”

“He needs to be with better players in a possession based team, because out of possession he’s not doing enough. He might think he is, but he isn’t.”

“He’s definitely got the quality, it’s whether or not he’s in the mood.”

Well, Ozil’s mood is about as reliable as the British weather, but the German did find support in the form of Ian Wright, who said,

“I’m not for selling someone like Mesut Ozil because Mesut Ozil is the kind of player you want in your team”

Emery has other problems that seem equally difficult.

Koscielny is past his best, as is Monreal and both will leave unless Arsenal open negotiations. Elneny was rumoured to be off to Fenerbahçe, but that move seems to have fallen short.


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Kolasinac to Barcelona always seemed rather unlikely, similar to the story linking Jenkinson to Celtic.

Inter Milan were said to have placed a bid for Xhaka, but the Swiss international disappointingly stated

“It is something the newspapers have written about, but there is no truth. I have never had contact with Inter.”

Pity, that money, probably around £30m could have made quite a contribution to new faces at the Emirates.

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