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A Transformation in Fortunes:- Will Ozil Manage to Outlast Unai Emery at Arsenal

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Ozil left the field after being substituted by Unai Emery during the Europa league final drubbing against Chelsea and to everyone watching, the German’s Arsenal career was over.

The playmaker passed Emery and uttered the words“You are not a coach” which lead to a standoff and battle of wills that Emery looked highly likely to win.

The club supported his actions, even though supporters found it hard to comprehend how the most gifted and highly paid player on Arsenal’s books, could not only be left out of the team but off of the subs bench.

The impasse continued and a determined and righteous Emery continued to make Ozil his scapegoat for a series of poor results but fate was about to poke fun at Emery by engineering injuries and the complete meltdown of Granit Xhaka.

Results and form suffered as Emery continued to bang the same drum beat to a different song. He seemed incapable of changing to meet the circumstances and slowly lost his credibility.

Ozil just carried on training and waiting for the tide to turn and it appears that they have suddenly swapped positions in the corridors of fate.

Emery looks likely to leave on the back of any poor result in the near future and Ozil has managed to claw his way back into a team where he has shown glimpses of his true worth. If you had to place a bet on either being in their current positions by December, Ozil would be the sensible choice.

Since his walk of shame in Baku, Ozil has remained silent and dignified, refusing to comment on his own position or that of his coach. His comments that night were neither confirmed or denied by the player and he chose to ignore the situation completely.


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It would appear as if the German knew that he could out stare Emery and retain his position. He knew better than most that Emery would persist in a course of action that would eventually betray him and reveal his shortcomings.

If it was intentional, it was a master stroke from the gifted midfielder and if there is a change of coach, we may yet witness a resurrection of epic proportions.

We’ve all forgotten what Ozil can do and what he can bring to the team but then again Emery had forgotten too and that’s one of the reason his time is borrowed in North London.

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