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Gazidis Gets Handed a Reality check as he Finally Meets his Match in Zlatan Ibrahimovich

Gazidis Ibrahimovic

Given a choice of having lunch with Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Ivan Gazidis, I’d be afflicted with a strange illness that made it impossible to attend.

As an Arsenal fan, I have absolutely no time for the conniving former Arsenal CEO but as a football fan, I dislike the boastful Ibrahimovic. He wins things yes, but I think he managed that by being on good sides with players that created and worked for him.

He is a respected finisher and has graced many stadiums around the world but, he is hard work on the ears and as a teammate, I’d imagine him to be overbearing. Yet, I strangely warmed to the Swiss equivalent of Zorro when I heard that his massive ego led into conflict with the former Gunners’ big cheese.

Ibrahimovic allegedly had the temerity to question the work of AC Milan chief executive Ivan Gazidis before informing him that the club is “not what it used to be”. If only someone had told him that while he was at the Emirates, but no one had the balls!


Zlatan, Gazidis Ibrahimovic

It appears that Gazidis attended training on Wednesday to discuss reductions to the player’s wages when Ibrahimovic stepped up to the plate to reportedly ask him where he’d been whilst the team prepared for their Coppa Italia semi-final with Juventus on Friday.

The awkwardness didn’t end there because ‘The Zlat’ then bemoaned the departures of AC Milan Chief football officer Zivonmir Boban and technical director Paolo Maldini, who left because of the mischievous hands of Gazidis.

It’s said that all is not well behind the scenes at Milan as the former Arsenal villain continues to exert his murky dominance over the once-great club in a similar fashion to his crash and burn tactics at the Emirates. As reported by Corriere dello Sport via Metro, Zlatan allegedly pressed his boss saying:

“Why have you been away for so long and show up 48 hours before the semi-final?”

He was also quoted as saying:

“It’s not the Milan it used to be, there’s too much uncertainty.”

Like any Arsenal fan, I’d wish I’d seen that and at least watched the Dark Lord squirm uncomfortably. Yet instead, he agreed with the giant striker:

“Yes, it’s true, Milan aren’t what they were in terms of success and finances.”

Same as Arsenal then, when he presided over a period of sustained failure but which he never admitted to. Could it be a coincidence that he has failed at two major clubs thus far, by making them worse than when he arrived?


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Zlatan Ibrahimovic is well placed to make his observation, having won the Serie A title and the Supercoppa during his first spell with AC Milan between 2010 and 2012.

Of course, Gazidis, who appeared to sympathetic probably went into a rage behind closed doors and is planning Zlat’s exit. The former Arsenal man is used to be surrounded by yes men and he will be appalled that a player has questioned his abilities. I questioned his position years ago, but couldn’t get within earshot of the second most despised man in Arsenal’s history.

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