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Same Old Arsenal As Unimpressive Everton Teach Arsenal A Familiar Lesson Once Again Because of Three Obvious Reasons

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Ian Herbert of the Daily Mail recently did an article on the Gunners entitled Invincible’s have become the Invisibles’.

It examined ‘how far the club has fallen from the one which once represented swagger, cussedness, creativity and fight’.

Hardly a revelation to anyone that follows football or Arsenal football club.

What the article did offer, was the chance to take a deep breath and manage the misplaced expectation of fans. In reality, Arsenal have already over achieved in the Spaniards first season, so this end of term, struggle isn’t a surprise.

However, there was a distinct lack of objectivity in appreciating the job that Emery has done so far with a toolbox full of blunt chisels. Hindered by a flimsy defence and players that really don’t fit together as a combative, creative unit, Emery has dragged the Gunners into contention for a champions league qualification place.

Yet, if they fail, it will be for three obvious reasons.

The continuous behind the scenes cock-ups and lack of investment by the club and their pathetic away form, which has seen Arsenal win just five games on their travels. Pick one !

Even if the Gunners pull it off and get into the Champions league, it won’t qualify for the knock out stages and could even finish at the bottom of the group at that stage.

Against Everton, everything that is wrong with the Gunners became clear, no fight, no desire and no ambition. Bullied into submission by a poor but physical Everton side that were made to look better by a placid and insipid Arsenal, devoid of creativity and blunt in attack.

The expected summer clear out can’t come quickly enough and Emery, after this performance, needs to find players with appetite and balls.

The Gunners played themselves out of the game against Everton with a lack of ingenuity, preferring to play short corners, give up the chase, play deep and run down dead ends.

In my own notes on the game, no one got above a score of 6 with Guendouzi appearing like the only person that seemed to give a damn about trailing behind a team that should regularly feature in the middle of the premiership table, with not a cat in hells chance of winning anything.

Herbert, who I suspect is a fawning Spurs fan in disguise, even suggested that the club ‘Can no longer claim architectural pre-eminence in North London’ and that ‘Tottenham’s commercial deals are also outstripping their own’ which is a meaningless argument given that we don’t know what the impact of a £1billion stadium will have on Arsenal’s rivals in the coming years.

The big question is what will be done if Arsenal fail to qualify with a top four finish or get bounced out of the Europa league ?

The revenue is obviously vital but will invisible Stan Kroenke invest without generating the necessity funds ?


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It’s a double edged sword that doesn’t need the attention of a rocket scientist. Success gains sponsorship and sponsorship helps gain success on the pitch, what else does anyone need to know.

I’m not cross, I’m f***ing livid that once again, a golden opportunity may slip through the club’s fingers because of past failures.

Emery is blameless in this saga of boardroom incompetence !

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