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Why Mikhitaryan Is Speaking The Languange That All Of Should By Reflecting On What Emery Is Trying To Build

“Everyone has their own opinion. We know very well what we are playing for and how we have to play.

If we are just going to kick the ball up front and wait for God to give us a chance to score, it’s not necessary,”

Mkhitaryan to Sky Sports exclusively. 

“The only thing we have to do is to work hard, believe in ourselves and use the chances we create to score goals, we’re creating chances.

Maybe we’re not as good to score at the moment but I think it’s just the first few games.”

Arsenal ended with second straight defeat in first two weekend matches making them 4th last in the table. The recent match against Chelsea ended up with a 3-2 defeat that created a point of discussion by Henrikh Mkhitaryan on new coach’s game plan for the season.

And In an interview with Sky sports network, The Armenian national player, and Former Man United. Midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan has given his full backing and his belief behind what new manager Unai Emery is trying to implement at the club saying :

“We are going to try and realise them for the next games, maybe it can work, maybe it won’t, but we are going to try and we want to win, that is the main thing.”

Arsenal manager Unai Emery has been tasked with leading a revolution of sorts at the club by attempting to replace Arsenal’s greatest manager of all time and bringing in a completely different philosophy and playing style to club after decades management under Arsene Wenger.

And speaking on the difference in the philosophies and what Emery is trying to build at club by bringing in something new to the table and at the same time keeping the existing values and essentials of the game under Wenger, Arsenal midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan has gone on to explain at length saying :

“It’s not too different but there are different things because there is not people playing in the same way or thinking in the same way, the philosophy is different,” he added.

“Emery kept the philosophy of Wenger but is building something new on it. He knows he can give something different to this club, like the balance between attack and defence. It’s not easy but I think he’s doing it in the right way.

“We have to keep working because we have a new manager, a new philosophy and want to play in a different way than before under Wenger.

“It’s not too easy but we are trying to achieve that and do what the coach is asking from us. He wants to play football and dominate the game and that’s what we’re doing, we’re not just kicking the ball up front.

“We are trying to play football, our second goal against Chelsea we had 19 consecutive passes and then Alex [Iwobi] finished the attack and we scored.

“It’s a new philosophy, we have to accept that and work hard to achieve our goals.”

In a heated argument between Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville on discussing Unai Emery’s Arsenal plan where Gary defended Emery saying that with his current strategies, he needs to be given time eventually.

To this Mkhitaryan replied that the different people have a different opinion and the players must work hard and create chances to score goals instead of bidding for time for everything to fall in place and for results to come on their own.


Arsenal’s head coach Unai Emery during post-match presentation.



On the other hand, Emery in an attempt to explain what his team had been lacking in the game vs Chelsea said in a post-match presentation that :

“We want to win. This is always the way but it is clear that defensively we suffered three goals but also we had chances to do more goals. I think the result is 3-2 but we also think we did [have] chances to score more.



“In the first half we are creating chances to score, and for that I am happy, I am in the match thinking we are well on the pitch.

But also they had options, chances to score. Our reaction is good, we had chances to go 2-2 and we deserved to do more at half-time” 

While the result does does always reflect how the match had played out and which team lacked the better efficiency when it mattered, like Mkhitaryan said it however does little justice to to actually show the measure of progress of a process happening which is exactly whats going on with Arsenal at the moment, they are a very strategised and well constructed work in progress which needs time and just a little bit of patience to produce the end product here.

The gunners on last Saturday against Chelsea were 2 goals down for the initial 30 minutes but equalised in the first half itself when Mkhitaryan scored the first goal for Arsenal which was followed by the second goal finished by Alex Iwobi after 19 consecutive passes and assisted by Henrikh Mkhitaryan

This was more than the number of goals Arsenal had scored in their last six visits to Stamford Bridge and Arsenal really caught the supporters attention with their free flowing aggressive and fiery fight on the pitch to grind out the equaliser and could well have gone on to score a couple more in the first half itself if it weren’t for the surprising wastefulness of Aubameyang and Iwobi in skyrocketing their clear cut chances.

In the second half, Chelsea were the side in control of possession and striked with the late winning goal by Marcos Alonso. The match had many surprising events unfolding where Mesut Ozil was replaced with Aaron Ramsey who didn’t impress much.

Emery instead emphasised more on young midfielders Lucas Torreira, 21, and Guendouzi, 19 giving us an idea about his bold decision making personality and what to expect in the days ahead.

Like Mkhitaryan has so naturally explained, Arsenal recent two results are hardly satisfying or credible but their performances have certainly been positive enough for us to maintain a positive outlook in the coming weeks as Arsenal have a set of moderately easier fixtures and a chance to better implement their training ground regimes on the pitch and convert their hard work into a form that speaks for itself by bringing them the result that their performances deserve.

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