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Is Playing Progressive Slots Worth It?

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Online slots are undoubtedly the most popular type of casino game today. You can tell this by checking the offer of the best online casinos. On almost all these sites, over 50% (typically more than 80%) of the games are online slots. But, not all of these titles are the same, and some are categorized as progressive slots.

Progressive slots are slot games with a progressive jackpot. These titles take a specific percentage of every bet they collect to boost the jackpot prize. Typically, that’s a fraction of the wager. To try out progressive slots, where rewards increase significantly over time, check here:

In this article, we will break down the benefits of progressive slots, so that you can get an answer to whether or not playing progressive slots is worth it:

The Different Types of Progressive Slots

To understand whether you should try progressive slots, you should know the difference between the most popular types of progressive slots.

The most attractive releases of this kind are the ones that belong to the network progressive jackpot category. There’s one reason people love them – the prize pool is boosted with the wagers in more than one online casino. Playing the same game regardless of the gambling website will contribute to the prize pool.

The former are the options with life-changing jackpots. On the other hand, we have local jackpot slots that provide rewards based on the bets in one casino. Also, slot enthusiasts should know that there are titles with multiple jackpots (two, three, four, or even more prizes like this).

The Downsides of Playing Progressive Slots

Now that you know the basics of this specific game, it’s time to analyze the potential downsides of their use.

For starters, these titles usually provide wins less frequently than ordinary slots. In other words, their Return to Player (percentage) is lower than usual and the volatility is high. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance to win prizes other than the top reward, but you will have to spin more to get one, at least in theory.

Another potential downside is that you don’t know exactly how much you can win. The jackpot keeps changing, and even though it will go up most of the time, you should be prepared to play for the minimum guaranteed amount in case someone wins the prize.

So, suppose you are making long-term plans about hitting the progressive jackpot and getting the current reward. In that case, you should first check the lowest guaranteed amount.

Players should also know that very often, it takes months or even years to hit the progressive jackpot. This is not something that happens frequently, making it a bit challenging for many players to stay satisfied while playing. Patience is a virtue that one must possess to enjoy these slots.

The Advantages of Playing Progressive Slots

Even though we have listed several potential downsides, we can confirm that the number of advantages of playing progressive slots outweigh them.

It goes without saying that getting a chance to win a massive prize (in many cases, a life-changing amount of money) is the best thing about these casino games. Even the highest prizes in regular slots can’t be compared to them. On top of that, these prizes keep increasing on a daily basis.

Another great thing is that you can choose from dozens of great titles from some of the best software providers. They created games with exciting visuals and themes covering a wide range of stories – from ancient civilizations to space.

Although the progressive jackpot is the main feature, they often come with extra bonus features that make the gameplay more exciting. So, just because they have such top prizes, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy extras like free spins, re-spins, mini-games, or other features.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that even though you can win such generous prizes, progressive jackpots usually don’t require placing big bets. In most cases, you can play with as little as 20 cents per spin, which makes it an affordable option.

That is, there’s no need to increase your budget to play these games. However, many suggest that playing with bigger bets gives you more chances to win the progressive reward.

To ensure you understand what you can expect from a slot game, check the game rules and paytable before playing. Every title has specific rules, so reading these things is a must.

Final Thoughts

Playing progressive slots is definitely worth it, especially if you are chasing huge prizes that can have a significant positive impact on your life. However, to truly enjoy these releases, you should be prepared to invest more money than usual because the payout frequency is usually lower, and the main prizes are generally awarded every few months.



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