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Jose Mourinho On The Verge Of Being Sacked? | Exit imminent And New Manager Decided


Is it the End of the line for Mourinho?  Reports have claimed that the Manchester United’s board of directors have lost faith in the manager and he may well be sacked regardless of the result against Newcastle.

Mourinho was expected to be given one more game to save his job and the season. However, it seems that Mourinho’s bosses have lost confidence in him. Also, the manager himself has indicated that he alone cannot save the season and that the deepening crisis may well be beyond his control. Tottenham Hotspur boss Mauricio Pochettino is understood to be the first choice for executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward to succeed Mourinho.


End of the line?
End of the line?

Asked why he was having such trouble getting a team that finished second last season to function this term, the manager said: “Because sometimes things are not just in the manager’s hands.” When pressed on who was to blame, he responded: “The same people that were to blame for the fantastic season last season.”

“This team can do much better than what it is doing,” he said. “I said last season was a fantastic season for us and if you want something more in pre-season I also said that this season was going to be very difficult.”

“Because success has a direct relation with your own potential and a direct relation with the potential if your opponents. The last season was phenomenal exactly because of these two.”

“I think opponents with much more potential than us finished behind us. That is the reason why it was a phenomenal season.”

“I think we have enough potential to do better than what we are doing in the Premier League. We are better than this and because we are better than this, our situation is going to improve. I have no doubts about that.”

Last saving grace for Mourinho?
Big performance needed tonight!

Manchester United face Newcastle tonight at Old Trafford. Jose Mourinho knows that he has to pull a ‘Houdini’ now to get a victory. Although the stats may favour United, based on current form, it could be anybody’s game with pressure on the home side to get this season back on track after their worst start to a season in 29 years.

United have 11 points from 7 games so far in the Premier League and stand 10th in the league standings. Is the season already finished for them or can they salvage something from it? End of the line or not, this is the game that will define things ahead.

Stay tuned to Arsedevils for more updates on Arsenal and Manchester United.

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