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Revealed | Jose Mourinho Tells Ed Woodard To Complete Two Signings And Reveals About His Transfer Shortlist

Red Devils, Jose Mourinho Transfer Shortlist

After three quickfire signings in early part of the transfer window , it has been a quiet time at Old Trafford as far as transfers are concerned. With just a little over a week left before the transfer window slams shut , it seems this might turn out to be one of the worst windows for United in quite some time with Jose Mourinho already feeling the third season syndrome. [spacer height=”30px”]

Of the three signings United have completed only Fred is likely to make the starting 11 , Dalot is also injured and would most likely be available in September.[spacer height=”30px”]

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It is reported that Jose Mourinho handed over a list of 5 names to Ed Woodward and Spanish newspaper Marca has claimed that 2 of those were : Gareth Bale and Toni Kroos. In the earlier part of the summer , it was reported United were preparing  a massive bid for the German midfielder and Mourinho wanted these two superstars at his disposal , as he prepares to deliver the first Premier League title for the Red Devils since 2012-13 season.  

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But it was highly unlikely that Real would agree to the sale of their two Galactico’s . With Cristiano Ronaldo having moved to Juventus , Bale is supposed to be their star-man this season. He won them the Champions League Final , with his brace against Liverpool and will look to finally shine in the universal spotlight without having to share the stage with arguably the greatest ever player. 

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[spacer height=”30px”]Injury problems have often limited his playing time at the Bernabeu’, and United have been keeping tabs on him since forever. Kroos on the other hand has been the main man in the Los Blancos midfield with Modric , it was always going to be a Herculean task for Woodward to get these two deals done and keep Jose Mourinho s request.  [spacer height=”30px”]

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United have some of their key players injured for the start of the season. With their midfield anchor Matic having undergone a surgery recently and first-choice right back Antonio Valencia is also out with a knee injury Jose Mourinho has admitted to being “in fear” for the start of the season , after a not so promising pre-season in USA. He insisted about being unsure about his team’s performance for the start of the season with most of the first-teamers missing the pre-season. [spacer height=”30px”]

Jose Mourinho Admits Being “In Fear” Ahead Of New Season And Here Is Why

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Jose Mourinho had already made his desires clear publicly earlier to bolster his squad . His frustrations have continued to grow in the recent weeks , he wants to have a central defender at his disposal with Harry Maguire being a top target despite Leicester being resistant and even that has borne no fruit with United instead focusing their attention on World cup star Yerry Mina from Barcelona : [spacer height=”30px”]

“I would like to have two more players. I think I am not going to get two,I think that it’s possible I will have one.[spacer height=”20px”]

And that one, I gave a list to my club of five names a few months ago.[spacer height=”20px”]

And I wait to see if it’s possible to have one of these players,If it’s possible. it’s possible, if it’s not it’s not.[spacer height=”20px”]

If it’s possible, it’s good, if not then we keep fighting and working and believing in the players that we have.”[spacer height=”20px”]

Jose Mourinho on his transfer policy[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]It would be a quite a week of action for the United hierarchy if they do manage to get atleast 1-2 players on aboard for the coming season. United are in dire need of some fresh-faces , and it has been quite obvious for Jose Mourinho to be frustrated about United’s stagnant behaviour in the transfer market.[spacer height=”60px”]

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