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Has Koscielny Done The Right Thing By Refusing To Go On Pre Season Tour?

Laurent Koscielny, Koscielny

Fans turn on Koscielny but Arsenal are the ones in the wrong. On social media there was sympathy for the plight of want-away Arsenal Captain, Laurent Koscielny, but there was also a lot of anger at his refusal to fly to the US for a pre season tour.

‘He’s let the club down, his teammates down and the fans down.’  said one, ‘The ultimate betrayal’ added another and finally ‘At least Bergkamp had an excuse for not flying’.

It appears that, one way or another Laurent Koscielny’s actions have removed him as Arsenal captain forever and the clock is ticking on his exit.

It’s been reported that the club are about to issue the player with fines and impose a training ban that will see him train with the youngsters.

It’s also been said that he wanted a free transfer as reward for nine years of service but I’m told that the subject of his transfer was discussed with those at the club and some assurances were made verbally that Koscielny could go providing Unai Emery had acquired suitable cover in the transfer window.

Injuries to Bellerin and Holding and the loan deal of William Saliba back to Saint Etienne have put paid to that vague promise and that’s why the situation has become toxic for Koscielny.

It’s a pity because Arsenal and Koscielny were the perfect partnership, both were loyal and dependable but after four or more average seasons, with dwindling success, Koscielny wants to move on.

Many have moved on before Koscielny for far more selfish reasons including money but for Koscielny, it’s about one last challenge in his homeland. To be honest, it may be a move that allows his career an additional 18 months of life because the central defender has nearly been destroyed by Arsenal.

For three seasons at least, Koscielny has had to come back from injury to plug the gaps in a side that has massive defensive flaws. Wenger never put them right during his reign, seemingly oblivious to something every fan could see in every single match.

So if you are about to call the defender a traitor, think again. Arsenal have used and abused the guy and Wenger and Emery have both called upon his services time and time again, knowing full well that the player needed longer to recover.

Now with a standoff looming , the situation needs calm and focus to resolve the problem to the satisfaction of both parties but I doubt Koscielny will ever play for Arsenal again.

Here’s the thing, why would you hold on to a player who’s contract is running down, who is past his best and wants to leave the club.
Suddenly Arsenal have grown a pair of massive balls! Gone are the days it appears when they were held to random by the likes of Sanchez and Ozil.

It now seems they are prepared to tough it out with their longest serving player and captain for a matter of principle. Some will say that a contract is legally binding, which it is but when there is no intention by both to extend beyond its current period, why prolong the inevitable.

This story could just as easily be about a club that has failed to secure targets in another transfer window. One that has skimped at every opportunity in the one area where heavy investment was required.

Koscielny isn’t responsible for this. For a period of time he was probably Arsenal’s most consistent player and during that period, he was considered one of the best centre backs in the Country but he still never got the accolades his professionalism deserved.

Time for him and Arsenal to part company and move on.

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