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Underestimate Josh Kroenke at Your Peril, he Will act Quickly if Emery Continues to Fail to Deliver

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Anyone confusing Stan Kroenke with his son Josh may need to think again. Josh is a sports fan that has a business brain. Pappy Stan is a business man who has various sports assets. Whenever Stan talks about Arsenal it’s on a commercial level but when Josh has been interviewed, he talks about success and ambition.

He has to prove it of course because the Kroenke name isn’t highly valued by supporters at the Emirates but Josh is starting to be seen as someone who can do the things his father wouldn’t or couldn’t.

Josh Kroenke is slowly becoming the voice and face of Arsenal and he is desperate to make the club successful, perhaps to prove a point. Having said that, it’s doubtful that the heir apparent will remain an Emery fan if he fails to deliver commercial possibilities and that comes from winning trophies and qualification to the champions league.

Where Arsenal end up at the end of this campaign is crucial to Emery’s position. They may respect his contract for a further year if he has managed to secure champions league at a minimum but after that, Emery is on very thin ice.

Kroenke will act to pacify the fans because he understands that if he doesn’t, he’ll end up in the same position his father was. With his name on banners around the Emirates, on posters and flyers and as a vilified figure on social media.\


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Between himself, Sanllehi and Edu, the trio will work to stop the rot and return Arsenal to the position of a top six four side. Truth be told, the pressure is on all three to make this new structure work and as I said in a previous blog, the success or failure of the club will test with them long after the manager has gone.

Stan fired Wenger and got rid of Gazidis in the ‘stiff of the century’ but he still under the microscope for months. His name has only disappeared because he has appointed others to run the club, with him now being seen less as the controlling owner.

The stage is set for Josh Kroenke to take full control and given the options, that’s not a bad thing.  Rather than wielding the sword prematurely, he will assess Arsenal’s needs at the end of the season, unless there they are well short of the top four or are rooted to mid table. Josh Kroenke may smile a lot but the teeth are sharp.


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