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Why Lacazette can actually convince Griezmann to join Arsenal


Alexandre Lacazette has actually revealed that he plans on trying to convince Antonine Griezmann to join Arsenal next summer.

Lacazette and Griezmann are very close friends from their time together in the French team and the Arsenal player spoke about wanting to persuade Atletico star into signing for the Gunners.

Griezmann, came to really close to joining Manchester United earlier this summer before deciding to stay at Atletico Madrid after the La Liga club had their transfer ban upheld and United went on to sign Lukaku instead.

Close friends Lacazette and Griezmann spent a chunk of their summer holidaying with each other in America and the Arsenal record signing has hinted he could lure his France teammate to the Emirates.

Speaking to Match of the Day magazine, Lacazette went on to describe his relation with Griezmann and how he planned to ask him to shift to London saying :

“Yeah [Griezmann is my best mate], we are very good friends and have lots of fun. “Our nicknames for each other are Griezzy and Lacaz. If Griezzy visits me in London, I’m going to ask him to sign for Arsenal!”

Griezmann and Lacazette holidaying in America( Image obtained via the Sun)

Well so basically he was joking quite clearly when he said that otherwise that is rampant tapping up. Nevertheless we know how good friends he is with Griezmann so maybe theres something to be done here ?

Last summer it was all about Griezmann to United every single day until the transfer ban played party pooper with Mourinho and his dreams while Lacazette was all set to join Athletico Madrid.

Then he stayed with his old club out of respect and pity we assume and Lacazette meanwhile moved on to us and this is what he had to say about his move.

Which basically reads as : Very happy for you my friend! Lots of goals!”  While saying how good Lacazette looks in the PUMA kit.

Heres why we can get optimistic about Griezmann after hearing this,

Previously Griezmann had revealed how Kos always tries to talk to him about Arsenal but he just was not ready to leave.

That was until this summer when he had his bags packed and all set to meet Mourinho at the airport. However that did not pan out and Athletico have a ban till the end of December, after which they are all free to register Diego Costa who has already joined them from Chelsea and is training with them. Replacement check

Meanwhile United who were previously reported  as having declared their intention to return back next summer with a 100 million deal for him, right now have a plethora of options in the front with Lukaku firing on all cylinders, Rashford, Martial, Mikitaryan , Lingard available and later on Zlatan waiting. They have no space or need for another forward paving the way open for us. Competitors check

Add to that the fact that Sanchez is all set to leave next summer after almost leaving on deadline day, signing an able and like replacement of a player of Sanchez’s talents is a necessity and who better to replace with than Greizmann.

Why we believe that Lacazette can actually help us in this respect is that last summer Greizmann desired a move to United because of a huge reason that is his friend Paul Labile Pogba, and both seemed quite sad that the move did not materialize.

This just goes on to show that having friends is quite an important pulling factor for the man and thats something that we have ample to offer here at Arsenal with Kos, Giroud and ‘Lacaz’ waiting to recieve him if ‘Griezzy’ does decide to come. Friends check

French National Team Training ( Image obtained via IBTimes

Moreover hes French and our manager is Arsene Wenger, do we need to say more in that respect. Manager Check

“Overall” we believe that with Agent Lacazette at work we might actually be able to pull this off given how everything seems to be falling in place for this deal.

Feel free to contradict and tell us in the section below about the 1000 other things that can make this not happen.

Till the next update

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