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Why Harry Maguire Is Destined To Find Place In The Manchester United’s Wall

Harry Maguire to Manchester United, Maguire to United

Maguire had an interesting season after being signed by Leicester for a £17m fee from Hull City. He was only 23 years old at that time when this unexpected transition in his career took place. A year later, today, he stands as a £65m target for Jose Mourinho and Manchester United.[spacer height=”30px”]

United will face a comprehensive challenge to sign the Maguire from Leicester after the fruitful World Cup performances. Though persuasion may be a factor, there are much more important questions that drive the sails of this Defender.[spacer height=”30px”]

Whether he is the right man for a place in United’s Wall? Whether it is too soon for him to be at big club like Manchester United? [spacer height=”30px”]

Arial prowess, Versatility, Mobility and Growth[spacer height=”20px”]

As a defender he will undoubtedly lift up Manchester United with his aerial prowess. ‘ Slabhead ‘ as he was called by his teammates, Maguire stands tall at 6’4”.[spacer height=”30px”]

This is a precious attribute in Mourinho’s bag of jewels. The Portuguese Master mind has always had a penchant for tall players in his lineup as at United 11 of his previous signings were at least 6ft tall![spacer height=”30px”]

Arial Dominance[spacer height=”20px”]

Maguire certainly has heading attribute when it comes to his skills.The lad had more attempts at goals and proved a graver set-piece threat for opposition teams at World Cup than Kane, Mandzukic and Griezmann.[spacer height=”30px”]

He also won the highest number of headers at World Cup, 54. He was a marshaling force for England at this World Cup. However, it is suspected whether he’d be able to handle the defensive calibre of the teams at the Premier League. [spacer height=”30px”]

Maguire’s heading ability might be a star factor in his skillset but his structure will be a hindering factor to his mobility. [spacer height=”30px”]

Mobility [spacer height=”20px”]

Having a tall body has it’s own pros and cons. In this case, it seems to be affecting Maguire’s speed and footwork which, in the long run will leave him behind speeding tricksters, leaving United highly vulnerable.[spacer height=”30px”]

He is pacey when running in the same direction as the attacker but, it’s the twists and turns that really gets to him. (How about some Yoga for Harry)[spacer height=”30px”]

Versatility[spacer height=”20px”]

As a player, Maguire is remarkably versatile and possesses the ability to adapt and improvise irrespective of the position he’s made to play at.[spacer height=”30px”]

He’s tactically intelligent and shone bright playing a 3 CB system for England at the World Cup.He is also capable of playing in defensive midfield role.[spacer height=”30px”]

Passing[spacer height=”20px”]

Another of his strengths include his ability of passing. Maguire has a fine passing range sense and brings good composure and control over the ball. It’s one of his best attribute as a footballer.[spacer height=”30px”]

He has ability of building up from deep but he might have to adapt his play making if he were to move over to United. He has completed 74% passes whereas all of United’s defenders have above 80% pass completion rate.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]It is expected that he will adapt as he did with the English National team, have to play with tactics much different to Leicester City. There aren’t much doubts not to reason why Mourinho would be interested in Maguire, his performances in Russia speak of his stability as player and the potential growth.[spacer height=”30px”]

Signing of the World Cup surprise is an infamous for being historically ill-fated. However, Mourinho, as it seems, may roll the dice and gamble on United’s wall.[spacer height=”30px”]

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