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Why Lucas Torreira can become the biggest Midfield Signing for Arsenal in Years if only he can do this

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Lucas Torreira, Arsenal’s brightest prospect in this season’s transfer, was surprised when the North Londoners started tracking his flight to London.[spacer height=”30px”]

“I feel calm. I am used to coping this kind of thing in the best possible way.[spacer height=”20px”]

It’s a very positive thing that people want to welcome me,”

[spacer height=”30px”]This is what he said during an interview with right after his announcement as an Arsenal player. A South American player playing in the fringe clubs of Seria A landing in the media circus that is England and yet displaying serenity way beyond his age, just like everything else about him gives the perfect indication of to expect from him.[spacer height=”30px”]

The 22-year old Uruguayan had played 36 games for the Serie A club, Sampdoria. Having accomplished an astonishing feat of 105 matches since 2014, at such a young age, Torreira may be regarded as the next sensation in defensive midfielders. He joined the Serie B club, Pescara from the Montevideo Wanderers in 2014 and has represented Sampdoria since 2015 in 71 matches within the last two seasons.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]Check out Lucas Torreira Who Scored ratings for his performances for Sampdoria last season here.[spacer height=”30px”]

His crisp passing blended with an aggression to sway the ball away from his opponents, makes him one of the best youngest defensive midfielders in the game. Hopefully, this aggression could be channeled in the right direction under Unai’s rule for him to discover his potential.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]This World Cup saw him man the Uruguay defence(along with Godin and Gimenez) when they didn’t even concede a single goal in their group stages. The round-of-16 game against Portugal witnessed how the likes of Ronaldo were subdued by his brilliant tackle-play although Torreira didn’t play the World Cup Qualifiers.[spacer height=”30px”]

A video(which went viral) was released in which he had headed the ball straight to the ground to evade danger into the penalty box during that game. Blocking shots fired at him to intercepting balls; his wide range of efforts are important for a team to bank upon in pressure situations. In fact, he had created 2 chances and completed 3/5 long balls in the Quarter-Finals against France in a below-par performance of Uruguay who failed to convert chances to goals.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]Statistics show that he has an average of 2.9 tackles per game and 2.1 ball interceptions per game ,  which imply that 26.4 million is a loot rather than a buy to Arsenal. His unique ball control added with the long range efforts spark magic whenever the team’s in a distress situation.[spacer height=”30px”]

His vision determines his role as a defensive midfielder, to orchestrate the game according to his flows and ebbs. Even values Lucas Torreira at 30 Mil Euros which is quite more what Arsenal have payed before the World Cup by triggering his release clause.[spacer height=”30px”]

By accumulating no red cards in professional football (Serie A and World Cup) he has the ability to innovate and create fair tackles, a skill most modern-day footballers lack.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]The spirit of tackling and short-passing are a few skills every footballer must possess. Torreira has shown that he is a synergy of both passing and tackling, which makes him the most explosive player on field when the team breaks into counter-attacks.[spacer height=”30px”]

Standing 1.68m (5ft 6in) tall, Torreira’s possession of aerial duels are a main concern for the team. His physique being ‘small’, he is usually pushed around and fouled by his counterparts. Inheriting Ozil’s No.11 shirt, now makes him an integral part of Arsenal and also raises expectations of his deliverance.[spacer height=”30px”]

Comparing him to the legends who wore No.11 shirts in Arsenal, he is yet another history in the making.[spacer height=”30px”]

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