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Why Lucas Torreira Is Arsenal’s Unrivalled Best Signing Of The Season

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Before we go to Torreira, indulge me for a bit.

There are many sizes and shapes of breeds of man’s best friend but the one thing which is common to this breed, is it’s feisty, mischievous personality and an energetic nature. Terriers are highly intelligent and trainable, for people with patience and a great sense of humour.

Confused much? Let me help you out.

The above paragraph is culled from a dog site, describing a terrier breed. If “breed” is substituted by “midfielders,” the idea becomes clearer.

Arsenal’s midfield General and Dynamo Lucas Torreira embodies all the above attributes and more. Ardent dog lovers must surely understand my analogy.

Terriers are principally used by home and farm owners to hunt down predators like foxes and wolves, to keep their establishment safe.

These fearless creatures aren’t motivated by size, reward or punishment, but loyalty. This analogy could drag on but it is best to get back to the business of the day, which is Lucas Torreira.

Since his transfer to Arsenal, Torreira is yet to have an off day on the field of play. He arguably stands as the only player in the Premier League yet to have a sub-par game.

His dedication to his duties in the side, in training as well as on match day, is unrivaled and extremely professional. This much his teammates have attested to.

Before we go any further, it is important to clearly note that in no measure, little or otherwise, do I state or insinuate that Torreira is a terrier.

The above simply highlights a fun similarity in attributes, name and commitment in the most endearing manner.

Moving on.

Torreira has played a total of 16 games for the Gunners and has 2 goals, 2 assists and incredible stats for a defensive midfielder.

His first goal could not have come at a better time nor against a more perfect opposition in Spurs and his second couldn’t have had more flair nor more importance in the dreadful Huddersfield game.

Torreira certainly knows how to win fans over. The media is clearly smitten with him as well. After the NLD in December 2018, the Uruguayan spoke to

“It’s my first derby for Arsenal and it’s an incredible game. During the week, the fans really showed me how important this game is and it was for us as well. It was great that we were able to win to continue our progress in the Premier League, which is one of our objectives.

Tottenham are a very good side and they made it hard for us to find space at times, but we showed our spirit and our soul during the game. We’re really pleased and so I am, both with the goal and the win.”

Even the Boss cannot stop raving about the star player. After the Fulham win, Unai Emery stated,

“He’s very young, it’s his first season here at this level but he was playing in Italy which is a very hard competition also. He is playing also with his national team, against big teams. And here, I think with his process he’s doing very well.

The first is his humility to work every day, to listen, to learn. He is playing today in the middle, then right in the 4-4-2 and his performance is the same. I think his career is just starting and we want to do it with him, he can do it with us, giving us and giving him the best performances at the best level.”

Gilberto Silva, an Arsenal legend who once held Torreira’s own position, had this to say about the midfielder:

“He makes things simple, and of course at Arsenal we have a lot of expectation for him to keep the team ticking, the support and the position. Arsenal need somebody like that, and I hope that he does well.”

Torreira himself left this one for posterity:

“I’ve been working hard to adapt to what is a very intense league. It’s not been a long time, of course, but I think I have adapted. I just want to say thank you to my team-mates, the staff and everyone at the club.”

One thing is certain – Lucas Torreira is well on his way to becoming a cult hero among the Arsenal faithful and a legend for the club.

He most definitely makes it easy for everyone in the club and football fans in general, to love him and his game.

COYG, indeed!

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