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Everything You Need To Know As Manchester United Prepare For Their Greatest Champions League Encounter In Ages

Barcelona,, Arsedevils

Manchester United have drawn Barcelona in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. The first leg will be played at Old Trafford followed by the second at Camp Nou.

After overcoming the champions of Switzerland and Italy in the group stages and trouncing the champions of France in the Round of 16, Manchester United need to overcome the league leaders of Spain to progress to the semi-final.

Riding high on the back of a dream comeback victory at France, the unstoppable Ole brigade has been dusted twice in as many games recently. A lack luster performance, incapability to finish and helplessness in the opposition’s half has derailed the highly appreciated Ole campaign.

Manchester United and its management have to prioritize their game play and select the best XI if they are ambitious enough for European glory.

With the International break round the corner, and key players opting out from National duty, the players need to work very hard. Fitness, Alertness and hard work will be the key to advance from this stage for Manchester United.

The draw couldn’t have been more scripted. A perfect chance for Manchester United to avenge the two final losses of 2009 and 2011 and for Barcelona to assert their authority and stamp their dominance over United. It is a quite interesting draw considering the current team form.

On one side is the mighty Barcelona brimming with superstars and upcoming starlets, one of the most highly rated team to lift the trophy. On the other side is Manchester United, a team that has apparently had half of their season ruined due to dressing room issues. A caretaker manager is handling the team whose portfolio boasts of being sacked after leading his first Premier League team to relegation.

Players who have had multiple disciplinary and attitude problems, Manchester United, according to many has solely ridden on luck. A team that the media thinks has overachieved this season after Ole’s appointment.

Manchester United currently are 5th in the league and stand in troubled waters. They are three points off the 3rd spot, 2 points behind Arsenal for the fourth and a point ahead of Chelsea.

At the start of the knockout stages, the greatest of football pundits thought  Manchester United had lesser probability of advancing then Schalke 04. But well, here we are, teams leading the first leg have bottled leads and are out but it’s only Manchester United that has qualified merely on ‘luck’.

Both teams will have to prove their critics, one has to prove them right and the other, well does that even matter when the Media World has already written them off.

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