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Can Manchester United Maintain Their Home Record Against The Top Six Vs Spurs?

Pogba Mourinho

After a week of turmoil and many counter-accusations, the Red Devils would be looking to rejuvenate themselves when they face Mauricio Pochettino’s Spurs on Monday night at the Theatre of Dreams.

Given the disappointment Manchester United showed last week against Brighton Hove Albion where the match ended in a 3-2 loss for Manchester United and they have to respond well this week, they have to get a result out of this fixture against Spurs.

The post-match interview of the United’s captain Paul Pogba raised more questions than answers for the fans. No one could believe the words of Pogba who said there’s something wrong with the attitude which point out question on the team’s mentality and ho was their attitude wrong at Brighton.

United lost at Amex Stadium last season and anybody could have given the team talk that Brighton will contest for every blade of the grass out there and they were going to play with maximum intensity and unless United matched that intensity United were not going to get anything from the game. Things are going wrong for Manchester United and on Monday they have a massive game coming up against the likes of Spurs.

Coming to Spurs, Pochettino thinks he has got it right by not getting anybody this summer and feels that this team can pull it off against Manchester United who are in turmoil and this is a big game for Spurs too. This very game will be a marker for Spurs for rest of the season.

When people think of Spurs they are a team that almost reaches the summit and when they get close,something goes wrong. When it comes to big games like these they look good for spells and then something goes wrong. Mourinho will be having everybody locked down and making sure they don’t leave any gaps.

In the midst of all this, it was another awkward press conference for Jose Mourinho where he arrived 30 minutes early for the pre-match press conference for the game against spurs and every one except the United fans seem to be loving these interviews by Jose Mourinho.

As he arrived 30 minutes earlier so most of the media missed out on this interview. The Portuguese answered thirteen questions in the span of four minutes which clearly shows that he doesn’t want to give anything away. Although press threw double-edged questions at him, Mourinho cleverly dodged them with bland answers.

As much as Manchester United are in turmoil these days one cannot trust Spurs in the big games like these. What’s fascinating about the games like these is Manchester United have a habit of winning big games like these at home against their rivals. Last season they won four out five home games against the top six rivals,beating Spurs in the last minute.

Can they be the same team that can get the result or what happened at Brighton signals at much deeper malaise that they can’t pull out of this time.


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