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Mesut Ozil Dropped by Adidas While Arsenal Struggle to do so for the Last Two Years

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Mesut Ozil has often been derided and criticised with many labelling him a luxury or lazy money grabber. Although he is no longer at the peak of his powers, he is still highly regarded in many circles and it seems that Arsenal are biding their time until he walks out of the Emirates in 2021 or someone places a suitable bid.

It’s not been an easy marriage between the club and player with Mesut seemingly blamed for Arsenal’s demise, especially by former coach Unai Emery. The banishment, the arguments, and the zero performances have seriously dented the German’s credibility and this has now manifested itself with Adidas dumping their endorsement.

It’s just another in a long line of disappointments that have befallen the midfielder in recent years and that has overshadowed his undeniable ability. He has become the official club whipping post, beaten by his vast salary and lack of achievement in the last three or four seasons and cited as the main reason for their failure.

In all fairness to Mesut Ozil, his substantial wage has resulted in unrealistic expectations of a talented player in a mediocre team. He didn’t ask for £350,000 week, Arsenal willingly gave it to him, but he has done nothing much to justify it either.

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Could he have ever? Four assists per game and a world-class finish every week were probably always beyond him and even Messi has the odd stinker.

You often hear of players who have sabotaged their own careers mainly through attitude, drinks, drugs, or gambling, but Özil’s career may have imploded without any help from him.

The toxicity that has been generated around him has now cost him a lucrative income of around £22m from Adidas because the sportswear giant is said to be unhappy with the various aspects of his career including his connections with the President of Turkey and his contentious spat with the German FA.

It’s more likely that the midfielder isn’t considered to be in the top 20 football players and he has merely been dropped for commercial reasons and it’s likely that his dwindling form would have cost him dearly.

No one can argue with that appraisal, not even Mesut Ozil. One wonders what’s next for the Arsenal number 10, likely, he will not be on the shopping lists of the top clubs. He could eke out his final years in the MLS against the type of opposition that would probably play for Chicken Shack cup, contested between teams of once highly-rated international superstars.


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He seemed as if he could have shone so brightly in North London but he’ll never be regarded in the same way as Bergkamp, Wilshere or Cazorla.

It’s been an unproductive standoff between the player and club, which has often been completely embarrassing for the club, who haven’t always acted wisely or appropriately.

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