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Özil Stays Red As He Chooses Club Over Crazy Million-Pound Asian Offer


With a terrific display against Bournemouth away from home and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang netting the winner, the Gunners have much to cheer for – 17 games unbeaten and the North London Derby next. To add to the joy of the Gooners, reports flew in a couple of weeks ago that Mesut Özil declined a million pound-per week offer from Asia.

Arsenal made the German the highest-paid player in their history with a £350,000-a-week deal. Özil certainly is showing his loyalty to the club, according to his agent Dr. Erkut Sogut who said,

“We had some really big offers from Asia – there were some crazy offers. But, for Mesut, money was by no means the biggest factor.” 

Mesut Özil rejected the offer to play top quality football in the Premier League. Earning 3 times the amount won’t be worth it if you don’t have competition. In my opinion, Özil, 30, is at the latter stages of the prime of his career and giving it up to some Chinese league doesn’t fit the bill. Dr. Sogut further said,

“The commercial impact of a footballer is crucial nowadays. Mesut has the biggest social media following of any player in the Premier League and I just read that his shirt numbers (sales) were the largest at the club. At the end of the day, this is all information that has to be taken into consideration.”

Added revenue to Özil and Arsenal

Mesut staying at the club has mutual benefits as well. Having the largest shirt sales boosts club revenue, which is further put to better use –  a higher transfer budget among others. The age of social media serves this cause well – with more than 10 million active followers on Özil’s Instagram, he is sure to pocket envious sums of money per post. Playing in an Asian league wouldn’t yield the same results.

Hence, loyalty and strategy share equal game for Özil and his agent. It is a win-win situation for us Gooners, so we really don’t need to worry much.

North London is Red, indeed.



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