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Will Max Meyer be the Successor to Santi Cazorla?


With another disappointing premier league season coming to an end for the Gunners, where they are still not able to break the 14-year long drought of the premier league title disappointment is a prevalent feeling echoing throughout the entire fan base right now.

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But with all such gloom and despair surrounding the Emirates, the Gunners supporters will be cheerful about their team’s performance and their charge on towards winning the Europa League along with the near impossible but resurgent fight for the 4th and the final spot for champions league, where they are jostling with their London rivals  Chelsea and Tottenham.[spacer height=”30px”]

Fans along with boss Arsene Wenger will be looking to accomplish both the targets with this present squad which is at his disposal and will be hoping to manage doing just both in order to salvage their bruised ego and respect which has been greatly diminished by how far their season has gone so far.[spacer height=”30px”]

With all of this in the mind, wenger will be keeping an eye out for the next season where he will be hoping to fill each and every void that has been created due to injuries and departure of players who will either retire next season or have been sold him this season. The likes of Walcott, Giroud, Gabriel, Coquelin all have been sold this season without securing any sort of replacement.[spacer height=”30px”]

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One such player whom the arsenal supporters have greatly missed is Santi Cazorla, the Spaniard has not yet been able to make a comeback after his prolonged serious ankle injury and the subsequent ten surgeries that he has had to endure. Replacements for such players are very hard to find and in this case near impossible. Santi on the field is not only pure magic but also completely industrious and a clear midfield maestro who dazzles, dilly dallies and harries the opposition players into lalaland.[spacer height=”30px”]

And to fill up the utterly humongous boots of Santi Cazorla and possibly the departing Jack Wilshere in the midfield for Arsenal, the Arsenal boss has fixed his search on the German and current Schalke deep lying playmaker Max Meyer.[spacer height=”30px”]

Currently providing his services to the Bundesliga giants Schalke 04, Meyer has been attracting a lot of attention across Europe and with him being out of contract at the end of this season by rejecting contract renewal offers twice, he seems clearly set for a move and the question now is where ?[spacer height=”30px”]

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Wenger can be pretty sanguine about the arrival of the talented midfielder in this summer transfer window, and the reason behind this hope is that according to a report by Bild Meyer has mentioned Arsenal to be his preferred location to showcase his tenacity and midfield skills once he departs from Veltins-Arena.[spacer height=”30px”]

At 22 years of age Max Meyer is as versatile as you could ever find and is playing exactly as what Santi showed to be playing as the deepest play-maker, a player with inspirational technique, astounding vision, complemented by a mind-blowing ability to dribble past opponents.[spacer height=”30px”]

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As the Wilshere contract renewal saga has almost come to an end where it is nearly confirmed that England International will not be seen in the Gunners outfit in the next season, Wenger would be urging Meyer to help him and his team to bring back that zeal which they once possessed and make a claim for that silverware once again which they have not won since the days of the invincibles.[spacer height=”30px”]

With Ozil in fine form and Mkhitaryan settling down pretty well, the French manager would be looking to use Meyer as a player to definitely complement Ozil and Mikhitaryan in the midfield and bring that flair in Arsenal’s football which they had so brilliantly showcased to the world with some elegant midfielders like Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira.[spacer height=”30px”]

All being said and done, Wenger will have his work cut out knowing that not only the premier league clubs but some well-known ones from all over Europe are chasing behind this midfield genius. Barcelona, Bayern Munich are some of those few big clubs along with Liverpool and AC Milan who are keeping close tabs on this diminutive and Santi like deep lying player named Max Meyer who is currently topping the charts in the bundesliga as the best defensive midfielder. [spacer height=”30px”]

Not to forget that Bayern Munich in the recent past has never been shy to include young German talent in their squad and thus, it will be a real tussle if at all Wenger wants to add Meyer in his dream squad.

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