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Mkhitaryan Reflects Upon Chelsea Defeat And Points Out Areas Of Improvement

Henrikh Mkhitaryan reflects upon weekend’s Chelsea defeat and expresses areas where Arsenal require additional improvement.

Arsenal were held back on registering a point during yesterday’s match which ended 3-2 thanks to Marcos Alonso debilitating Arsenal’s hopes, shying them away from a win under their new gaffer, Unai Emery.

When Mkhitaryan broke Arsenal’s shackles in the 37th minute, the game accelerated and proved to be one of the most exciting derbies in recent memory.

Four minutes later, the Armenian was also responsible for assisting the second goal to his teammate, Alex Iwobi, by delivering a sweet grounded cross across the face of the goal.

The new way of Emery to play out from the back seems like a good tactic on paper, but the last two games haven’t resulted in their favor.

“We didn’t start very well, conceded two goals,” Mkhitaryan said [via Daily Star].

“But then afterwards we found ourselves, believed in ourselves and then started playing better than them. We scored twice to equalize, scoring two goals in 10 minutes and then maybe we had another 2 chances to score to win the game.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t take them.

“The second half was difficult because we looked a little bit tired and we didn’t create the opportunities to score. In the end, they scored the third goal and it was hard for us to come back. We did everything we could and I want to thank my teammates.

“We won’t face Chelsea and Manchester City in the next games, so it doesn’t make a difference who we’re playing now.

“It’s a very good opportunity for us to play against them and see what level we are at, what mistakes we’re making and looking at the next step to improve and be better.

“There is no success without making mistakes,” Mkhitaryan added. 

“Obviously we have to play and we have to try. If we try, we can do whatever we plan to do. If we don’t try, then we’re not going to play football.

“That’s why we had a lot of mistakes, because we’re trying. I’m pretty sure that in the next games we’ll have better results and play better football.”

With this being said, Mkhitaryan does have a point in saying that Arsenal is still in its stage of evolving and the process will be on-going until a rhythm or a momentum is built on which they could gain confidence from.

But the experienced players like Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil, Granit Xhaka and Aubameyang, who missed 2 attempts at goal from point blank range last night, haven’t delivered at the big stage, which suggests either more playing time for them to find their form, which is not affordable, with each game being a platform to perform, or else they must be substituted to make way for the young, talented players like Emil Smith-Rowe who had a fantastic pre-season at the ICC in Singapore.

Arsenal’s next game is against West Ham on Saturday, who are also looking out for a win. Arsenal are currently on 17th  based on the last two games.

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