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Jose Mourinho Has Been Told To Dismiss The ‘Arrogant’ Player From Manchester United

Paul Pogba, Paul Ince

A searing attack has been launched against Paul Pogba by former Manchester United player and captain Paul Ince and the Englishman has asked Jose Mourinho to dismiss the ‘arrogant’ player from Manchester United.

Mourinho Told to Dismiss ‘Arrogant’ Paul Pogba:

The former captain of Manchester United, Paul Ince, has recently stated that he thinks Pogba has become arrogant and that the Frenchman is displaying an attitude of being too big a star for the club. Ince has launched a searing attack against Pogba and has accused him of letting himself down and labelled his behaviour towards Mourinho a ‘nightmare’.

Manchester United has strongly denied reports of an estrangement between Pogba and Mourinho, but there are clearly issues between the two as Ince has chosen to speak out so publically. Ince has reportedly told Pogba to cease his antics and instead, focus on the game, recently telling reporters that he is surprised by Pogba’s behaviour owing to his brilliant performance during the recent FIFA World Cup.

Pogba’s Troublesome Behaviour:

Ince has revealed that Pogba’s behaviour has been reprehensible since returning from the FIFA World Cup 2018 and was quoted as saying

“as a player, irrespective of whether you’re happy or unhappy, there are ways to conduct yourself”.

Ince was referring to the explosive post-match interviews Pogba gave after he captained Manchester United to win against Leicester City in the opening game of the 2018-19 Premier League season. The French midfielder, when questioned on whether he is still happy at Old Trafford, refused to put the rumours to bed and stated the following:

“There are things I cannot say, otherwise, I will get fined”

In a response to the comment, which surely would’ve set the online betting lines swaying, Ince stated that he could not understand why Pogba would do that other than to get attention and ‘set tongues wagging’.

Tensions Rise Between Mourinho and Pogba:

Mourinho bestowed the honour of captaincy on the Frenchman last week and Ince believes that the 25-year old Frenchman has too much to say and seems to underestimate the honour of being made the captain of Manchester United. However, if the rumours of tensions between Mourinho and Pogba are in fact valid, it’s difficult to understand why the honour would have been bestowed upon Pogba in the first place

Ince revealed his disbelief at why Pogba would disrespect himself and the club with such a loaded comment and stated:

“He had a great game, a real captain’s performance, but no one is talking about that because they’re too busy focusing on his off-field antics,”

“It shows a lack of professionalism and discipline”.

Manchester United Would Survive Without Pogba:

Ince continued to state that if the World Cup winner is so unhappy at Manchester United, then he should rather leave:

“there is no player bigger than a club, especially not Manchester United.”

Clearly riled up by Pogba’s continued disrespect, Ince stated that the club could not possibly continue in the same vein for the remainder of the season and that

“It’s not all about him. It’s about the full team and the fans. These petty arguments in public just make their issues worse, the focus is off winning games and trophies and it disrupts other players. Pogba may very well end up alienating himself from his teammates and fans if he’s not careful.”

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