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The Amazing Reason Why Jose Mourinho Does Not Fear The Sack At Manchester United

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Even after a rough start to the season, Jose Mourinho does not fear being sacked as he thinks it would cost Manchester United way too much to get rid of him.

During the post-match interview, with La Repubblica and Gazzetta Dello Sport, he said:

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“They say I’m in danger but I don’t think it,

“If they send me away, do you have any idea how much money they would have to give me? Ah ah.”

– Jose Mourinho[/perfectpullquote]

Moreover, when asked if he was the one who paid for the banner protest against Woodward which read: “Ed Woodward A Specialist In Failure”, Jose said that he did not and said in a joking way that he could have.

Mourinho had signed a new deal with United for £15 million a year, till the year 2020, and he was certainly right about the sack as releasing him from his recently signed contract would prove to be quite costly for United.

Although the response to the question was quite honest, it was not the right kind of an attitude shown by Mourinho. Being the manager of such a big club comes with bigger responsibilities, and making a rash statement like this might put his job in jeopardy.

United might lose some money if they sack him but if there is a rift between the manager and the members of the board, Mourinho could end up losing his job. So, it would be wiser if Mourinho could bring it down a notch and make humble statements, as the press is prone to create speculations.

Winning against Burnley has helped Mourinho regain the fan support a bit and boosting the team’s morale. Mourinho might not fear sack as he is one of the best managers out there. Even the Manchester United legend, Peter Schmeichel, is confident that he could bring home the league title. This is what Schmeichel told Sky Sports :

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“He’s been at great clubs, Real Madrid, Inter Milan. He won the Champions League with Porto. Three Premier League titles with Chelsea.

” He’s done so many great things in football. But Manchester United is a different level to anything. The scrutiny, the traditions and the history that we have.

“We finished runners-up last season from fifth the campaign before. We’re straight into the Champions League this year, we won the Europa League and we’ve been in two FA Cup finals.

“This is great. Yes, we strive for more, but these are very positive things.

“When we give him time and patience when we understand this is a period in which we have to develop, we can win the Premier League.

“You can’t just walk into Old Trafford and you’re there. There’s so much to get used to.”

– Peter Schmeichel on Mourinho[/perfectpullquote]

Basically, Peter Schmeichel thinks that being the manager of such a historic club is not an easy task, and he is right about how it. The effort and the hard work that goes into maintaining the club is quite a lot. With patience, Mourinho could do things that no other manager could possibly ever do. He won the Champions League with a team like Porto, which is not what you get to see every season.

United’s next fixture against Watford is going to be really important. Watford has not taken a defeat ever the season started. They have been called the next Leicester City, as people think they are possible contenders to the title this season. They have had such an amazing run so far, so winning against them could be difficult. United must work hard and deliver their best, just like how they did against Burnley, in order to give a tough battle to Watford.

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