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Former United Boss Opens Up About Shocking Issues At The Club And Makes Startling Revelation

Cantona on Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has hit out at Manchester United’s board, insisting the problems the club are facing run a lot deeper than the players on the pitch.

Mourinho was sacked by the club in December following a dreadful run of results and a falling out with the players. The atmosphere around the club was toxic, and most of the criticism was directed the Portuguese’s way. When Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over and the players suddenly seemed like world beaters, the notion that it was all Mourinho’s fault seemed firmly, and rightly established. But it wasn’t, not one bit.

After the media dubbed ‘honeymoon period’, everything suddenly turned sour again. This time, the players were scrutinized and put under the microscope. They bore the brunt of the fans’ frustrations and their desire to play for the club has been questioned. They will continue to feel the heat as the summer window opens. The feeling amongst most United fans is that the current crop of players think they are bigger than the club – one such player being Paul Pogba.

The Frenchman’s feud with Mourinho was overly publicized and is said to have been the downfall of the ex-boss at Old Trafford. However, in an honest interview with French news outlet L’EquipeMourinho refused to blame Pogba for his sacking and revealed that the issues at the club run far deeper than just the players. He criticized the board and the structure of the club as a whole.

“About Manchester United, I want to say only two things,” Mourinho said.

“One is that time has spoken. Two is that the problems are still there.

“Was I a victim of Pogba? No.

“The problems are there, you can imagine that the problems are the players, the organisation, the ambition, I only say that I can not say yes when you ask if Paul was the only one responsible.”

Mourinho was also asked about Anthony Martial, who also had a fractured relationship with the Portuguese. While the Frenchman’s goals did end up delaying the manager’s inevitable sacking on a number of occasions, the pair did not see eye to eye. Mourinho hit out at Martial when the player left pre-season for the birth of his child and did not inform the club about when he would return.

He reportedly wanted the 23-year-old out of the club, but was never going to have his way due to the board’s admiration for the player.

“Martial? He’s a boy with a different personality (than Karim Benzema), and the thing I can say is that I hope he’s going to reach a dimension that is as good as his real potential,” he added.


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