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“A man that grabs the crest means he wants to stay”: Why Fellaini should Still Leave despite his heroics vs Arsenal

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United played Arsenal last Sunday and were expected to win due to their recent form against top 6 teams and the side Wenger fielded. However, 90 mins up and yet United were tied 1-1 isnpite of constant attack on Gunners defence. A beautiful cross by Young saw Marouane Fellaini be the unlikeliest of hero as he scored a header facing opposite side of post. Fellaini used his height and strength to great effect to score winner on 91st minute.[spacer height=”30px”]

So the real question again pops out. Should Fellaini stay or should he be sold?[spacer height=”30px”]

“I think a player that grabs the crest after scoring is telling clearly that he wants to stay. I want him to stay, the club wants him to stay, I think he will stay, it is nearly there.

And I think we are almost there but I can’t celebrate because almost is not enough. I want to see the white paper with the United crest and Ed Woodward’s signature and Marouane’s signature on it.”[spacer height=”30px”]

-Jose Mourinho

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So quite clearly Jose still believes in Fellaini and would want him to extend his contract for atleast a season.[spacer height=”30px”]

So what does he bring to the table?[spacer height=”30px”]

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Height and strength[spacer height=”30px”]

At 1.94m he is easily one of the tallest player if not the tallest player in any match. The afro hairstyles adds to the cause. Naturally, a player this tall is bound to have strength. He can brush aside players and can control the game or play with his physicality. Lastly, Fellaini is expected to win almost every aerial duels and to score headers when in the box.[spacer height=”30px”]

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Is it enough per United standards?[spacer height=”30px”]

When Fellaini was bought in 2013 for 27.5 million a lot was expected from him. To say he did not fulfill at all would be unfair to him. But more often than not he has been miss more than hit. Countless fouls ,unnecessary cards, elbow shoves and you will realise he is not per standard.[spacer height=”30px”]

Although, he won quite a few aerial duels, scored 20 goals in 154 appearance he never really fulfilled expectations. He has played as CDM as CAM and even as Stiker during LVG era. However, having a player just so that he can chest the ball and pass to striker is not good enough.[spacer height=”30px”]

What is the Manager doing with Anthony Martial?

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We now have Pogba and Matic and even Smalling if needed to offer height and strength during the match. And although, the signing made sense when United did not have either of Pogba and Matic, signing extention when clearly the other two provides much dynamism and assurity won’t be wise.[spacer height=”30px”]

Blocking the Path for Scott Mctominay :[spacer height=”30px”]

Needless to say that as long as Fellaini is there on the team sheet, our standout rising player of the year Scott Mctominay will have that much more competition to deal with.[spacer height=”30px”]

For a player with that much natural talent and potential like Scott, its imperative that the manager trusts him more and more gradually and allows him to be starting more matches next season which will be a difficult thing to do if the more experienced and preferred Fellaini stays at the club and blocks the path for our rising youngster[spacer height=”30px”]

Nachiket Chavan
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