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Revealed | Mourinho to make only one possible transfer out of his five targets

Jose Mourinho

Manager Jose Mourinho was not in a good mood after his undermanned United side were beaten 1-4 by Premier League rivals Liverpool at the International Champions Cup on Saturday. He claimed that he would not pay to watch the Red Devils at this point in their campaign.[spacer height=”30px”]

United Have already added Fred from ShakhtarDalot from Porto and Lee Grant from Stoke to his squad. Mourinho wants to make more additions to the team but believes that he will land only one having submitted a list of five transfer targets month ago.[spacer height=”30px”]

With his frustration growing with time, central defense is one area in which he wishes to strengthen with Leicester City’s Harry Maguire a top target despite of stance resistance from the Premier League team.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]Jose Mourinho continues to make no secret of his desire to further bolster United having failed to win any of their four matches in 90 minutes during their tour of the US.[spacer height=”30px”]

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“I would like to have two more players. I think I am not going to get two,[spacer height=”20px”]

I think that it’s possible I will have one. And that one, I gave a list to my club of five names a few months ago. And I wait to see if it’s possible to have one of these players,[spacer height=”20px”]

If it’s possible. it’s possible, if it’s not it’s not. If it’s possible, it’s good, if not then we keep fighting and working and believing in the players that we have.”[spacer height=”20px”]

– Jose Mourinho on his transfer policy[/perfectpullquote]

[spacer height=”30px”]United were put to the sword in the second half by a superior Liverpool side, who netted three unanswered goals courtesy of Daniel Sturridge, Oluwaseyi Ojo and Xherdan Shaqiri after Andreas Pereira’s stunning free-kick had cancelled out Sadio Mane’s opener.[spacer height=”30px”]

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[spacer height=”30px”]The Red Devils have been without a host of their stars following the World Cup, with the likes of Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku, David de Gea, Nemanja Matic – who will miss the start of the season due to injury – Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford enjoying holidays.[spacer height=”30px”]

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“This is nothing to do with reinforcements, the reinforcements are Pogba, Fellaini, Lindelof, Rashford, Lingard, Matic, Valencia. These are reinforcements.[spacer height=”20px”]

This is not our team this is not our squad. We started the game with almost half of the players who are not even going to belong to our squad on August 9. They will not be here.[spacer height=”20px”]

This is not our squad. Reinforcements, you mean players that I would like to buy, to add to the squad. That’s another thing, but this is not my squad, this is not even half my squad, or 30 per cent of it. So don’t look to this.[spacer height=”20px”]

You can ask me if I still want new players, that’s another question.[spacer height=”20px”]

But in relation to today, have four or five players who are dead because they care with the club and try to give everything, even risking themselves, because they don’t want to let all the kids play by themselves against AC Milan, against Liverpool.”[spacer height=”20px”]

– Jose Mourinho[/perfectpullquote][spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]One can argue that he could have given the youngsters some more game time, but Mourinho does look a little frustrated with United’s sluggishness in the transfer market, and the absence of his first team players. All this could affect the preparation for the new season, but Mourinho’s tendency to play defensive football will not impress United fans. [spacer height=”30px”]

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