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Mustafi Has Shown Improvement Under Unai Emery But Arsenal Still Need To Be Doing This

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Shkodran Mustafi’s season has been bitter-sweet so far. With one goal coming off him last week, we expect Mustafi to adapt to Emery’s play along with his Greek teammate, Sokratis Papastathopoulos. Both of them haven’t had the best results so far, hence they aim to improve at the defense under the guidance of the nouveax gaffer Unai Emery.

By far, the defensive department of Arsenal haven’t been delivering to the expectations.It has been a major turn around for Hector Bellerin though as he proved his worth by setting up for Welbeck and has been consistently bombarding crosses to the center.

Even though the defenders of Arsenal were unable to prevent the goals by Sterling and Silva, it was evident that that being the first official match under Unai, he was bound to give a good fight to the opponents.Sloppy work in the defense at Stamford Bridge, enabled Chelsea to win another London derby by just a margin of one goal.

Against West Ham, Arsenal were momentarily hacked at the defense, when Arnautovic took a shot from a distant range. But an equalizer from Monreal assured the defender’s alertness who was able to keep his cool and blast the kick towards the centre of the goal,giving a huge relief to Arsenal’s defense.

The previous game witnessed a goal scored by Mustafi within 11 minutes of the game. That was a booster for Mustafi’s confidence for he did say in his interview post match that the “big” players will get satisfied under Emery by visualizing the good times about to come for them.

While speaking to Evening Standard in an interview,Mustafi said

“Competition is something that brings you to the next level, because if you have no competition and you know you are starting week in, week out, it takes a little bit of the quality [away].”

Mustafi also discussed about the team spirit in the dressing room and how it helps the players,

“For us it is because we are in a good team spirit. Everyone is quite happy with the people we have in the changing room.

‘There’s no people fighting each other or something like this. There is competition but healthy competition and that is something that is going to bring us forward.”


During that match, while Mustafi was seen celebrating the goal, he endured three “slaps” from his teammate Lacazette because of which he ensured his uppance would come. This celebration made by Mustafi after he scored that goal, depicted the double headed eagle since his parents are from Albanian descent before they settled in Germany fined him for $9850. Lichtsteiner was also included in similar incident for his part in the goal celebrations during the World Cup.

Mustafi and Sokratis seem to have gradually coordinated well in Arsenal’s core defense, even though their time hasn’t lasted that long, they seem to understand each other better. Mustafi wasn’t happy with the last game week’s performance as the game was taken lightly before the home boys (Cardiff) caught up with Arsenal’s score. Under estimating the newbies of the league this season, could have landed Arsenal in a deep hole where they would have soon craved for a draw too.

Mustafi has been slated too many times for performing poorly,especially in the last season with Arsenal’s terrible away form and conceeding goals way too easily but if being criticized when performing poorly,he surely deserves some praise if he is performing well and showing signs of solidity at the back. Arsenal fans will like too see more improvement of Mustafi as Arsenal get back into the action after the international break where they will travel to St. James Park to face Newcaste United.

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