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Are Arsenal About to be Further Eclipsed in the Premiership by the Impending Take Over at Newcastle

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The Premier League has seen significant changes in ownership over the years and it seems there is an abundance of cash-heavy Arab Sheikhs willing to invest in English football clubs rather than buy another castle, mansion, plane, or yacht, the most recent among them being Newcastle.

In the land of one-upmanship that was once presided over by Roman Abramovich, the new kids on the block, PCP Partners, are pushing ahead with the £300million takeover at St. James’ Park. The bid is headed by Amanda Staveley, who failed to get a previous deal over the line but this time, she has the interest of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the PIF group, who are believed to have assets of more than £260billion.

In the league of megabucks and big players, Newcastle will now be able to attract the type of talent not seen since the days of Kevin Keenan’s toon.

Just to make it clear how Newcastle would stand in comparison to the richest clubs in the division, high flying Manchester City’s Abu Dhabi Group / Sheikh Mansour is a poor second with a piffling net worth of £17.7billion. Current runaway leaders Liverpool, owned by the Fenway Sports group / John Henry are way off the pace with a rather stingy £2billion.

The original playboy of the Premier League, Roman Abramovich, the Chelsea oligarch, has a mere Net Worth of £9.2bn and invisible Stan Kroenke is just under that at £8bn.

Some clubs have opposed the takeover, they are obviously comprised of the top six who feel directly and immediately under threat, even if that fear is based purely on the newly acquired financial muscle.

Those clubs involved in the revolt shouldn’t be able to exert that type of pressure on any bid if we are all totally honest. Competition should be embraced, but we are talking about a group of clubs who secretly met at a London hotel to discuss joining a super league, so normal rules don’t apply.

So what does the probable takeover at Newcastle mean to a Premier League club like Arsenal? It’s a known fact that Newcastle would be able to buy the very best available in terms of players and coach, theoretically pushing Arsenal further down the pile of clubs chasing Liverpool and City.

If for instance they dumped Steve Bruce at the train station and installed Mauricio Pochettino and gave him a decent budget, there’s little doubt that the Former Spurs boss could get them in contention in a few seasons.

Arsenal are static at present, sadly in the process of rebuilding with a disjointed team and they purportedly only have a budget that might be considered average by championship standards. Many of us predict that the gunners will have to sell before they buy, in a project that may take at least two seasons. They may also have to engage in free, loan or swap deals and lean heavily on the academy. In terms of that scenario, Newcastle could become stronger and completely eclipse Arsenal in a much shorter time-frame.


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Arsenal’s hierarchy will have to decide if they want profit over success. I’ve long argued that one spawns the other, no matter which comes first. Success generates revenue but revenue facilitates success…eventually.

Success is not exclusively down to money, it’s a mixture of structure, discipline, ambition, and finances. Sadly, Arsenal lack ….the majority of that list.

Until Arsenal’s board starts singing from the same song sheet, investors looking for opportunities in the Premier League will always be able to leapfrog ahead of them. That’s a depressing thought!

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