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Arsenal’s Current Predicament is Not Mikel Arteta’s Fault its Stan Kroenke’s And His Years of Systematic Neglect

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Let’s get straight to it, Arsenal’s current predicament is not the fault of Mikel Arteta, it’s due to years of ignorance and gross mismanagement and that includes Gazidis, the board, and owner Stan Kroenke. The decline of this wonderful club has not been something that happened overnight and the financial restraints placed on the club by moving to the Emirates virtually killed any chance of success or latent ambition it had.

Every single member who sold their shares to the popcorn king and made a healthy profit should be looking at the sports pages and admitting responsibility. They should be ashamed! They’ve taken the money, failed to do what was in the club’s best interest, and let a man into the club who couldn’t give a shit about it or the game.

Owner Stan Kroenke needs to either behave like an owner and provide cash and commitment or he needs to sell to someone hungry for success, not someone craving endorsements and marketing opportunities. Like every fan up and down the country, like every supporter across the globe, I’m frustrated and angry at the way this fabulous club has been allowed to go into decline by those in charge.

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They’ve failed to address the lack of quality in the side, preferring to shore it up with cheap alternatives. They haven’t invested wisely to provide a team fit for the Emirates stadium or supply one which was capable of challenging in all competitions.

It’s gone beyond negligence, the gap between Arsenal and the rest has increased to the extent that it may take five years to even get close because of the continued incompetence and cavalier approach of a board not fit for purpose.

Tell me who, apart from Edu has a clue about football at the highest level? None of them!

Ken Friar, Lord Harris of Peckham, Stan Kroenke (owner), and Josh Kroenke, frightening to think that the club is in the hands of a group of people that are more concerned with balance sheets than winning the Premier League. Then there’s Vinai Venkatesham (Managing Director), Raul Sanllehi (Head of football) and finally Edu, the only football man in the chain.

In fact, I’d go as far as saying that at the top end of the club, only the Brazilian is emotionally invested as a former player that went on to win the Premier League as a member of the Invincibles.

At the moment, I’m not even sure that if Arsenal had £200m to spend that it could put this side right. It’s so flawed, so short of quality and leaders that it’s embarrassing, but you can’t blame the players for taking a wage at a club where they could never truly excel because there was no definitive plan in place by those in a position of power.


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The business model we hear about, on occasion, is a fantasy. It’s a myth that is only concerned with matters off the field, not on it. In fact, it’s the biggest, most shameful lie of all, implying that there is and always has been a plan.

Arsenal are a car with no engine, a boat with one oar, a bike with one wheel and it appears that they are destined to become as successful as an Elephant on the sales floor of a tableware store.

Arteta needs a board that will commit to the same levels as Edu, Mertesacker, Pires, and Ljungberg. Until that happens or Kroenke sells up, there will be more bad days just around the corner.

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