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The Complete Humiliation of Mesut Ozil and the Rifts That will not Heal

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Mesut Ozil was once considered to be one of the best players in the world and one of the first names on the Arsenal team sheet. He was almost considered indispensable and vital to any Arsenal starting 11 for his inventiveness and ability to assist but his stock has dipped since the arrival of Unai Emery.

It’s no secret that Emery likes industry and work rate from his players and unfortunately Ozil is the type of midfielder that is only appears interested in advancing up the field and seems either disinterested in defence or is incapable of changing his game to suit Emery’s demands.

I don’t think it’s too much of a leap to claim that if Emery had his way, the Arsenal midfielder would be plying his trade elsewhere but it seems that even though Arsenal tried their damnedest to offload the player, there was little interest.

Excluding the MLS in January, which could be a viable escape route with perhaps David Beckham’s Inter Miami and DC United the most likely destination, Ozil will see his contract out in a succession of cameo roles throughout the season.

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Even though Ozil has expressed a desire to stay in North London, sooner or later, with his career eclipsing, he will need to move on or end his footballing days as a force in decline.

Wenger indulged the German play maker to excess in his final season at the club and Arsenal paid far more to extend his contract than he was actually worth.

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This has created an impossible stand off but one in which there are no winners, with Ozil no more than an alternative option or star sub. How pitiful and how sad is it that the remainder of his contract is just a painful, unproductive road to an disesteemed end.

Emery is unlikely to ever forgive the German for his comments “you are not a coach” when he was replaced by Joe Willock in the dreadful Europa league final against Chelsea. It’s something that has driven a toxic wedge between them as if it wasn’t bad before. Emery considers Ozil to be uncompromising and too unmotivated for his side.

Ozil thinks that his pedigree and talent should be enough to merit his weekly inclusion in the first 11. Anyway, the current Arsenal squad is such that Emery has no clear way of utilising the Germans mercurial talents because he has such a mixed bag of individuals that don’t always appear to gel.

Emery is under pressure to use Ozil, simply because of his enormous wage. So with one hand tied behind his back and keen to serve his paymasters, Emery has to his include him on occasion but don’t expect olive branches anytime soon.


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It’s said that the two, although on speaking terms, are as far apart as they ever were and that Emery has made it clear to the player and the club that the midfielder is not in his long term plans and that his contract will not be extended beyond 2021.

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It’s safe to assume that Ozil’s advisors underestimated Emery’s resolve to not play him even on a phenomenal wage and they further misinterpreted the clubs unflinching support of its coach, which would go someway to explaining the situation at present.

It will be nothing short of a miracle if Ozil comes back from this to find a regular slot in the first team and even less likely that he will find another generous employer at the top end of the sport.

Like it or not, Ozil has limited options and it would be an immensely brave and optimistic club that place a bid. Let’s not rule out Italy as an option but they won’t pay the sort of money he currently demands now that his stock is irreparably damaged.

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