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Why Ozil’s Retirement Could Be Extremely Beneficial For Arsenal’s Title Push


Mesut Ozil has attracted as much praise as he has criticism in his time at Arsenal and has been the subject of excessive media attention for his languid style and his apparent lack of spirit. It has been claimed that the German has shirked his defensive duties, gone missing during big games and let’s his head drop when the team isn’t performing well enough.[spacer height=”30px”]

There have been additional claims of preferential treatment whilst Arsene Wenger was in charge and suggestions that the former German international was permitted to pick and choose his games. In all fairness, it’s a lot of criticism for one very gifted player. And although their may be an element of truth, it undermines an exceptional talent.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”20px”]On his day, with his vision, the former Real Madrid man is only comparable to the great Dennis Bergkamp for his natural gifts, which allows him to find his teammates with a pinpoint pass and one which presents them with genuine goal scoring opportunities. Ozil’s decision to retire from International football is something that concerns the whole of football.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]Although he had, by his own standards, a poor World Cup, the midfield maestro is still one of the most productive players in the German squad and his absence leaves a considerable void.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”20px”]The playmaker’s retirement could, however, benefit Arsenal and new coach Unai Emery, who are on their summer tour of Singapore, as long as the Spaniard can motivate and channel his energy. Consistency is a word that some imply the World Cup winner lacks, and from a fan’s point of view, it’s a debatable accusation.[spacer height=”30px”]

Sublime and majestic in certain games, then lethargic, disconnected and seemingly uninterested; it depends on the day and which the ex-Schalke star turns up. That could also apply to Arsenal who failed to find enough consistency to finish in the top four despite having ample opportunities with the fluctuating fortunes of their rivals trailing behind Manchester City.[spacer height=”30px”]

Yet the Gunners and their talisman couldn’t seize the chances when they were available.[spacer height=”30px”]

The talented midfielder still has lots to offer and if the Londoners are to perform, it’s crucial that the he finds his form despite his troubles, starts to believe in himself again.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”20px”]Football can be odd at times and the racist slurs regarding the 29-year-old’s decision to pose with the Turkish Prime mister had nothing to do with the football authorities, German or English supporters. The player was simply recognising his heritage. And yet politics and political opinion creep into the sport without an invitation.[spacer height=”30px”]

Unfortunately, the Arsenal star has now been identified as weak for his retirement but his decision isn’t very far from an understandable one.[spacer height=”30px”]

Mesut has been criticised for club and country for quite some time. There are numerous other players in the German side, like Arsenal at times last season, who were guilty of trading off their reputation. At the Emirates side, Ozil is the only truly creative midfielder; the others lack his vision and finesse. But too much responsibility had been heaped upon him. If Ronaldo has an indifferent match, no one discredits his talent, it just didn’t happen on the day and the same treatment needs to be afforded to the Gunner.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]If the Spanish gaffer could find him a partner to share the burden then Ozil may flourish as a result of his new regime. But if not, we have to accept that he might not be able to serve up his brand of mouthwatering football every week. Results and performances are the collective responsibility of the team, something Emery will imprint in the minds of his players, new and old.[spacer height=”50px”]

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