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Former Crystal Palace Owner’s Absurd Comments on Ozil and Kolasinac situation Are Just For Ratings And Nothing Else

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Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan approached the story of Ozil and Kolasinac security concerns like a gorilla waiting tables and implied that the two players needed to take greater responsibility for their own safety.

Jordan, was never one to keep an opinion to himself, he’d much rather hand them out to anyone with a pair of ears whether they were listening or not. In fact, Jordan has fashioned a niche for his forthright plummy opinions on radio and TV but his insensitively sometimes grinds as he launches into his sermons.

This time it’s directed at the two Arsenal players involved in recent car jacking and which we are told has lead to some type of gang turf war and is preventing Ozil and Kolasinac from playing for the club.

Concerns persist over the players safety because of ‘ongoing problems between two rival London gangs’ and there was a second incident outside the houses of both which ended with arrests being made. Diamond Dick (Unai Emery) has reassured fans by saying,

“The club is managing that circumstance.”

But Jordan thought Ozil and Kolasinac can protect themselves and said,

“There’s a balance between what the club can do and what people of immense wealth can do for themselves. If you’re getting paid £17.5million a year as Ozil is, then you can protect yourself and provide your own security, I’m not entirely sure it’s the responsibility of your employers. We don’t live in an ideal world, we live in a world that is flawed and people take advantage.”

Jordan was himself the victim of a robbery whilst driving through London with his elderly Father and was relieved of his £100,000 watch from the window of his Maserati.

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Yet this has not made him anymore sympathetic towards Ozil and Kolasinac of who Emery said,

“I don’t know now when they will be available.”

Jordan continued with his appraisal on Ozil and Kolasinac situation,

“Footballers have made their financial position very clear via the media, everybody understands they’ve got more money than God. So now they’ve got to grow into their skins and they’ve got to realise people will look at them differently and people will covet what I’ve got. Sometimes it’s the club’s responsibility to educate them and make them aware of that, but they’ve got to look after themselves.”

Jim White who was presenter of the Talksport radio show asked Jordan,

“Basically what you’re saying then, to Ozil and Kolasinac, is: ‘you earn enough, protect yourselves’…

To which Jordan replied:

“I think so, yeah.”

Easier said than done Mr Jordan because it’s said that the players have been inadvertently caught up in gang rivalry and that eastern European gangsters are said to have warned against any future attacks on Ozil and Kolasinac. This warning has lead to an escalation of threats by a rival gang.

Beefing up security is fine but we aren’t talking about a random cat burglar or opportunist thief, we are talking of an organised outfit that is technically capable of causing great harm.

It’s also reported that both the players partners have flown out of the UK until the situation is resolved and that Ozil’s wife has vowed not to return.

The players representatives were claimed to be locked in negotiations with American club DC United, who had expressed an interest in the German playmaker and it may be that Ozil will reconsider his position at the Emirates under the circumstances.

Whatever the outcome, it’s sad to think that money makes innocent people a target of envy and prevents them playing football.

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